Boo (Mario Party Advance)

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Icon of a Boo inMario Party Advance.
Species Boo
First appearance Mario Party Advance (2005)
“Ee hee hee! It's ghastly news!”
Boo, Mario Party Advance

Boo is a character in Mario Party Advance. As a notable member of the Boo species, he haunts Boo Cemetery along with three fellow Boos, although one of them is soon revealed to be an impostor. As a part of their mission, True-Blue Boo, the player is asked to identify and reveal the impostor along with their Golden Boo Statue in exchange for the Predictotron.

When the player visits the cemetery, they are greeted by four Boos. They mention a crime when Shroomlock appears to assist them. At the mention of a theft, the Boos become worried and ask them to help track down their Golden Boo Statue, which they consider a symbol of their friendship. At this time, they appear to realize there are four Boos rather than their usual three, assuming one of them is an impostor. The player is asked to select the Boo with a slightly different moveset and rhythm, revealed to be Koopa Kid if correct. Although he gets away, the statue is left behind. As thanks for this, the remaining Boos award the player the Predictotron.

According to the information preceding the credits, the Boos now regularly haunt Horror Condo.


  • "Ee hee hee! It's ghastly news!"
  • "Solve the crime to get a Gaddget!"
  • "Here, let me tell you what happened..."
  • "...Who are you?"
  • ".........Tsk!"
  • "Ee hee hee! We could use your help too!"
  • "Our precious golden Boo statue is gone!"
  • "We keep it hidden in this cemetery."
  • "At least, we used to. It's gone missing!"
  • "Eee!!! You have to find it! Find our statue!"
  • "It's a symbol of our true-Boo friendship!"
  • "That's right! We three Boos are best--"
  • "Wait... Three Boos?!?"
  • "!!!"
  • "One, two, three... There are four of us!"
  • "When did we pick up a fourth?"
  • ".........Tsk!"
  • "...OK then, so who's the faker?"
  • "What? Huh?"
  • "Find who did this!"
  • "...Tsk!"
  • "It wasn't me!"
  • "..."
  • "Ee hee hee! Thanks for helping a Boo out!"
  • "You were great! Thanks for helping us..."
  • ".........Tsk!"
  • "As a reward, you can have this Gaddget!"
  • "A bunch of junk fell from the sky!"
  • "I found this just sitting on the ground."
  • "If you collect all of these things, maybe you can get Party World back to normal."
  • ".........Tsk!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テレサ