Bob-omb (Paper Mario: The Origami King)

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Artwork of Bob-omb from Paper Mario: The Origami King
Species Bob-omb
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
“You know that memory-loss thing? What's it called... Ambrosia? Amnesty? Thinky Thinky Panic? Whatever you call it, I've got it—big time.”
Bob-omb, Paper Mario: The Origami King

Bob-omb, often referred to Bobby by Olivia, is an ally to Mario in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is a fuseless, amnesiac Bob-omb who joins Mario and Olivia's quest while attempting to recall his memories. He frequently refers to Mario and Olivia as "Big M" and "ma'am" respectively. Olivia also mistakes his name as both "Bhomas" and "Bombert" shortly after arriving at Autumn Mountain. Bob-omb uses Bomb Bump in battle, a move very reminiscent of Bombette's Body Slam, ramming into the nearest enemy and dealing 20 damage, or 30 if the Ally Tambourine is equipped. However, there is also a chance that he may trip and deal no damage instead, which is indicated by if he starts to sleep during the turn. Bob-omb is the only partner in the game who can be brought to revisit certain past areas at any time, excluding the Earth Vellumental Temple, Water Vellumental Shrine, and the Ninja Attraction.



According to Bob-omb himself, prior to the events of Paper Mario: The Origami King, he lost a comrade, also named Bob-omb. He kept his late friend's fuse as a memory, keeping it safe within a lock-box that he always carried with him.

At some point afterwards, Bob-omb was booked with a group of Bob-omb friends on a cruise in the VIP stateroom on the Princess Peach. However, during the trip, the ship was attacked by Gooper Blooper, who had been converted to a Paper Macho form due to King Olly's actions. The group attempted to defend the ship, unsuccessfully, and during the battle, Bob-omb was knocked off the boat, losing his fuse in the process.

Sometime later, Bob-omb washed ashore at Toad Town, physically unharmed but suffering amnesia. After coming to his senses, Bob-omb set off alone toward Overlook Mountain, looking to recover his memories.

Paper Mario: The Origami King[edit]

By the time Mario and Olivia defeat Colored Pencils and unravel the red streamer used in King Olly's plot to take over the world, Bob-omb has boarded a cable car headed toward Autumn Mountain. Mario and Olivia end up boarding that same car, where the two parties cross paths for the first time.

During the ride, Bob-omb introduces himself, stating he only remembers his name and reveals he has amnesia, albeit not knowing the correct term for the condition, and states his purpose for going on the journey. Olivia then brings up the idea of Bob-omb joining them as a chance to help him recover his memories. Initially, Bob-omb is skeptical, stating he believes he would be a burden to the two, after which Olivia abandons the idea. Bob-omb, however, considers the opportunity, and brings it up again shortly afterward.

By the time the cable car reaches Autumn Mountain, Mario agrees to take Bob-omb under their wing. After getting off, Olivia refers to him as Bombert, but Bob-omb corrects her. Shortly afterward, Bob-omb runs off to investigate a small valley in the mountain. Olivia tries to call him back, calling him Bhomas only for him to correct her again, leading her to settle on Bobby as a nickname. Mario and Olivia then jump in after him. The valley turns out to be merely a dried up river, and on the way out, Bob-omb tries to make friends with a Spiny turned Folded Soldier, forcing Olivia to stop him and explain that they are enemies. The trio then enters a dried up lake, with a Water Vellumental Magic Circle nearby.

As the trio explores the mountain, Bob-omb runs off twice, the first time to take in the sight of the Water Vellumental Shrine, and the second during a walk in the Tall Grass Plains, in which he meets and befriends a Sombrero Guy. Then, while crossing a bridge to the shrine, a Paper Macho Goomba appears, whom Bob-omb also attempts to befriend. The Goomba then knocks Bob-omb off the bridge, and Mario jumps off in pursuit, landing in the Chestnut Valley. Mario ends up continually having to rescue Bob-omb, before making it back to the shrine. Once they arrive, Bob-omb and Mario stand on dual pressure plates, opening the shrine. Bob-omb, however, decides to remain near the entrance in fear.

Bob-omb continues to tag along until and during Shogun Studios, with the exception of the Ninja Attraction. While in Shogun Studios, he can wear different outfits and take photos with Mario and Olivia at the Dress-Up Photo Studio. After Mario defeats Rubber Band and unravels the blue streamer, the staff of Shogun Studios throw fireworks in celebration. Looking at the fireworks causes Bob-omb to regain his memories. Feeling a sense of fulfillment at the completion of his personal mission, Bob-omb thanks Mario and Olivia for their help and the new memories they created together, but decides to part ways with the duo. After some convincing from Olivia, he decides to continue with them.

The trio continues the boat tour to Sweetpaper Valley, following the yellow streamer. During the ride, Olivia asks Bob-omb to tell them more about him, but he declines for unknown reasons. The boat reaches Sweetpaper Valley, but following an encounter with King Olly, a boulder crushes Olivia and blocks the way forward. Seeing this, Bob-omb and Mario, on the former's request, head back to Toad Town and take a ride from Sea Captain Toad across the Great Sea to the Princess Peach, now overtaken with black ink. Inside the VIP stateroom is a lockbox containing the item Bob-omb is looking for, which is promptly taken by Gooper Blooper. After Mario defeats it and recovers the box, the two head back to Sweetpaper Valley. Bob-omb finally tells Mario his backstory, and reveals the item inside the lockbox: a fuse that belonged to his late best friend. He puts it on, and, as his last words, thanks Mario and Olivia. Bob-omb then lights the fuse, prompting Mario to try to stop him, only for it to be too late. Bob-omb blows himself up and sacrifices his life to destroy the boulder trapping Olivia.

Upon realizing Bob-omb's demise, Olivia becomes extremely disheartened, and runs off into Breezy Tunnel. She comes to rest on a log in a Monty Mole chamber, questioning her ability to continue with the quest. Mario tries to comfort her, but with little result. The Monty Moles then gather the remains of the destroyed boulder and place it near the entrance. Bob-omb's spirit calls to Mario from the rubble, and instructs him to help Olivia pull through, lest his sacrifice be in vain. Under Bob-omb's suggestion of using laughter, Mario then uses his Goomba Mask to cheer up Olivia, and the two continue their quest. Though Bob-omb's spirit cannot be talked to again, Mario can still inspect the pile of rubble where the spirit is found anytime afterward, to which Olivia will question what he is doing and urge him to keep going.

If Mario returns to the Dress-Up Photo Studio after this point, Bob-omb's spirit will appear in the finished picture.

In Bowser's Castle, Olivia mistakes one of the Bob-omb troops boarding the Airship to be their old partner. This Bob-omb then states that he is not the same Bob-omb, though Olivia decides not to think too hard about it, and continues to call him and the other Bob-ombs "Bobby", stating she is glad to see him.

In Origami Castle, Olivia mentions Bob-omb alongside her other partners after fighting Stapler and before fighting King Olly.

During the credits, a photo from Shogun Studios shows one of the fireworks launched in Bob-omb's honor by taking his shape.


  • Collectible Treasure No. 52: "An enthusiastic young Bob-omb without a fuse or memories but with plenty of gumption and explode-tuitiveness."


Artwork and Sprites[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボムへい[1]
Chinese (Simplified) 炸弹兵[2]
Chinese (Traditional) 炸彈兵[3]
French Bob-omb Bob-omb
German Bob-omb Bob-omb
Italian Bob-omba Bob-omb
Korean 폭탄병
Spanish (NOA) Bob-omba Bob-omb
Spanish (NOE) Bob-omb Bob-omb
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボム
Olivia interprets it as 「ボム」 (same pronunciation), with meaning "flat" or "commonplace" and a surname, and once uses 「ボム」 (Bomukō), with being an occasionally-negative name modifier for familiarity and a title for European royalty.
Chinese (Simplified) 炸弹彬
Zhàdàn Bīn
From "炸弹兵" (Zhàdànbīng, Bob-omb)
Chinese (Traditional) 炸彈彬
Zhàdàn Bīn
From "炸彈兵" (Zhàdànbīng, Bob-omb)
French Bobby Bobby
German Bobby Bobby
Korean 포탄병
Mispronunciation of "Bob-omb". 포탄 (Potan) means "cannonball".
Spanish (NOA) Bombi Bomby


  • While trying to recall the term for amnesia, Bob-omb mentions "Thinky Thinky Panic", which itself is a pun on Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic, where Bob-ombs debuted.
  • In the Japanese version, Bob-omb calls Mario "aniki", or "big brother" (which can figuratively be used as an honorific for a superior), implying that the former is younger than him.
  • In the Spanish version, "Bobby" is one of Olivia's nicknames for him before calling him "Bombi".