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“If I should succumb to this plague, and if my love should blame himself for my death... Then give this letter to him, so he may hear my voice.”
Scarlette, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Admiral Bobbery showing a photo of a young him and Scarlette to Goombella
Scarlette in Super Mario-kun

Scarlette is Admiral Bobbery's deceased wife in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She is never seen in the game. As the player learns from Podley, during one of Bobbery's sailing trips, she succumbed to a fatal illness. Bobbery did not know if it was a cold or a virus, but it killed her. Bobbery had no clue of his wife's condition. By the time he returned, she was dead. Bobbery blamed himself for her death because he thought that if he had not been on a trip at the time, he could have nursed her to health. He resolved to never sail again, until Mario gave him a letter written by Scarlette that was held by Podley for many years who did not have the heart to give him the letter, seeing his grief. He thought it best it be put behind him. In her last letter, she tells Bobbery not to blame himself for her death and to keep doing what he loves: sailing the seas. After reading the letter, Bobbery says, "Yes love... I WAS happy... My sweet, sweet Scarlette, I love you still."

The only other time she is ever mentioned is at the end of the game. When the Shadow Queen demanded Mario and his partners to become her servants, if Bobbery is the current partner, he says, "Serve a witch? Scarlette would be rather angry with me, I should think." When Mario leaves Rogueport, Bobbery will tell Mario that if he had not joined him and had gone back to sea again, Scarlette would still watch down on a broken Bob-omb. In the e-mail at the end of the game, when Goombella says Bobbery is now sailing the seven seas with Cortez, she says that Scarlette is watching over him.

An aged and alive Scarlette in Super Mario-kun

In Volume 34 of Super Mario-kun, Scarlette makes a physical appearance. She is first seen in a picture taken when she and Bobbery were young, she looks like a normal and attractive female Bob-omb with arms. Mario, Goombella, and Koops try to convince Bobbery to sail the sea with them, but he stubbornly refuses. In the end, he reveals why he keeps refusing: he shows the picture, then proceeds to tell them how he was obsessed with sailing that he often left his sick and weak wife at home, until one day he returned home and Scarlette had passed away. Mario observes the picture and, with a moving speech, attempts to convince Bobbery that her cheerful wife surly understood his passion for sailing so, to commemorate her death, he should continue to do what gives him happiness, but Bobbery still refuses. Suddenly, an ugly and wrinkled Bulky Bob-omb enters Bobbery's house with a briefcase, claiming to be returning from a vacation. Scared, Bobbery calls her "Scarlette", shocking the others. It is then revealed Scarlette never died; it was simply an excuse that Bobbery used to skip work. This angers Scarlette, and she orders Bobbery to return to work while she literally explodes in rage, hurting everyone in the house.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スカーレット

French Scarlett
German Scarlett
Italian Scarlet
Spanish Bombaret
Possibly a pun of bomba ("bomb") and her original name, "Scarlette"