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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door move
Gulp in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Mastered by Yoshi
Rank Base Rank
Effect Swallows an enemy, and spits it at the one behind it, damaging both
Target Single frontmost grounded enemy, and the grounded enemy behind it
Attack Power 4+4 Base Rank
5+5 Super Rank
6+6 Ultra Rank

Gulp is one of the default moves available to the Yoshi partner during the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. For the cost of 4 FP, Yoshi will swallow the frontmost grounded enemy, and spit it at the closest grounded enemy (if there is one), damaging both. In case of there not being any grounded foes behind the target, Gulp will still deal damage to the chosen enemy. To execute the Action Command, the player must press and hold down the R Button Button until the gauge is full. Otherwise, the move will have no effect. Yoshi can target any frontmost grounded enemy with this move, but some bosses are too large for Yoshi to swallow. This attack pierces defense, but the damage dealt to the second enemy (the one that is spat at) will not benefit from positive status effects that raise Attack Power. Gulp also features one opportunity to perform a stylish move by pressing A Button after Yoshi spits out the enemy.

The move has a special property that lets it bypass the special defense of the Iron Clefts. As this is the only move with this property, Yoshi is required to defeat them. Despite dialogue suggesting that the key to damaging the Iron Clefts is to find a way to make them damage each other, the Super Hammer and Ultra Hammer's special moves fail to damage them.

Unused behaviors[edit]

Internal code shows that Gulp was intended to work differently, including different outcomes for certain enemies. For example, the default outcome was supposed to be Yoshi swallowing an enemy outright, defeating them instantly without spitting them at a different enemy. This way of defeating enemies also bypassed any internal checks, such as preventing enemies from using Life Shrooms, and bosses from executing scripted events. This particular behavior can still be seen in the released game, exclusive to single-segment Pokeys or Poison Pokeys, with a 50% chance of that happening. Other unused behaviors include a special animation for eating exploding enemies, and spitting out a giant fireball that damages all enemies in its path (presumably for use after eating a fiery enemy).[1]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese のみこみ[2]
Literally means "gulp"; also means "apprehension"
French Gobgob Onomatopea for chewing
German Saugmatz Suck it up
Italian Indigestione Indigestion
Spanish (NOE) Engullir[3] Literal meaning