Hyper Paragoomba

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Hyper Paragoomba
Hyper Paragoomba Sprite.png
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Latest appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)
Variant of Hyper Goomba

A Hyper Paragoomba (or H. Paragoomba) is a green Paragoomba with the ability to charge its attack power to increase it to eight points. When attacked once, they will lose their wings and become regular Hyper Goombas.


Paper Mario[edit]

Sprite of a Hyper Paragoomba, from Paper Mario.

In Paper Mario, Hyper Paragoombas are found alongside Hyper Goombas in Gusty Gulch, though unlike normal Hyper Goombas they are only found outside. Like other Paragoomba types, they try to dive into Mario on the overworld. Like with normal Hyper Goombas, Goombario suggests becoming transparent if he sees one charging its attacks.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door[edit]

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Hyper Paragoombas are found along Twilight Trail, where they again appear alongside Hyper Goombas and act mostly the same as before, barring some base statistic increases.


Paper Mario[edit]

Paper Mario enemy
Hyper Paragoomba
Battle idle animation of a Hyper Paragoomba from Paper Mario (discounting the occasional sidling, which is done at random and technically considered a separate animation) Max HP 7 Attack 1 Defense 0 Type Flying
Level 12 Strong None Weak None Moves Dive Kick (1), Charge Up, Missile-Dive (8)
Sleep? 80%, 0 Dizzy? 90%, 1 Shock? 100%, 0 Shrink? 80%, 0
Stop? 90%, 0 Fright? 80% Air Lift? 95% Hurricane? 95%
Coins 1 + 0-2 Items Dried Shroom Run 24 Location(s) Gusty Gulch
Tattle This is a Hyper Paragoomba. Hyper Paragoombas are Hyper Goombas with wings. Max HP: 7, Attack Power: 1, Defense Power: 0 They sometimes charge their power before attacking. That charged attack will take away 8 HP, so watch out when they start to glow. It'll miss you if you can become transparent. Except for that, they're no different from normal Paragoombas, so use a Jump attack to defeat 'em.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door[edit]

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door enemy
H. Paragoomba
Hyper Paragoomba Sprite.png Max HP 8 Attack 2 Defense 0 Location(s) Twilight Trail
Sleep? 80% Dizzy? 100% Confuse? 80% Tiny? 90%
Stop? 90% Soft? 95% Burn? 100% Freeze? 80%
Fright? 90% Gale Force? 90% KO? 95% Moves Dive (2), Charge Up (ATK+6), Missiledive (8)
Level 15 Exp. points 0 Coins 1 - 3 Items Boo's Sheet, Dried Shroom (drop only), Fire Flower (drop only), Ice Storm, Life Shroom, Ruin Powder, Last Stand
Log When this winged Hyper Goomba charges up, its attack power rises to 8
Tattle That's a Hyper Paragoomba. It's basically just a Hyper Goomba with wings. Max HP is 8, Attack is 2, and Defense is 0. After charging up, you'll be dealing with moves that have an Attack power of 8. Once you damage it, it'll lose its wings and turn into a regular Hyper Goomba. Not that THAT'S all that cool. Even normal Hyper Goombas are dangerous.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハイパーパタクリボー
Haipā Patakuribō
Hyper Paragoomba
Chinese 超级飞行栗子小子
Chāojí Fēixíng Lìzi Xiǎozi
Super Paragoomba
French Hyper Paragoomba -
German Hypra-Gumba Portmanteau of "hyper" and "Para", combined with "Gumba" (Goomba)
Italian Iper Goomba Volante Hyper Flying Goomba