Spiny Flip

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Paper Mario move
Spiny Flip
Lakilester using his special move Spiny Flip on a Crazee Dayzee.
Mastered by Lakilester
Rank Base Rank
Effect Lakilester throws a Spiny Egg at an enemy
Target Any single enemy
Attack Power 3 (Base Rank)
4 (Super Rank)
5 (Ultra Rank)

Spiny Flip is Lakilester's default attack in the game Paper Mario. It does not cost any FP. In order to execute the attack, the player must aim the cursor with the Control Stick (Control Stick) at the enemy's hitbox within the time limit. Once the limit is up, Lakilester will throw a Spiny Egg at the cursor, either dealing damage to the enemy if the cursor was well-aligned, or missing in case the cursor was misaligned. The player can also press A Button to preemptively finish the move. When successfully executed, Spiny Flip inflicts three points of damage to an enemy at Base Rank, four points at Super Rank, and five at Ultra Rank.


  • This attack uses the aiming cursor and sound effects from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island heard whenever Yoshi aims an Egg at an enemy.
  • As a mini-boss, Lakilester's Spiny Flip inflicts four points of damage to Mario, but goes down to three once he joins his party.
  • Spiny Flip, along with Shell Toss, are the only initial attacks from partners in the game that always avoid taking contact damage from the enemy.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パイポなげ
Paipo Nage
Spiny Egg Throw
Chinese 投掷刺蛋
Tóuzhì Cìdàn
Spike Egg Throwing
French Lance pics Spikes Throw
German Stachi-Flip Spiny Flip
Spanish (NOE) Huevo Pinchos[1] Spikes Egg