Mt. Rugged

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Mt. Rugged
Mt. Rugged
Mario and Parakarry climbing up Mt. Rugged
Greater location Mushroom Kingdom
Ruler Buzzar
Inhabitants Monty Moles, Clefts, Toads, Whacka
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)

Mt. Rugged is a rugged, rocky mountain in the southeast of the Mushroom Kingdom in Paper Mario. The foot of the mountain can be accessed from Toad Town via the K64 train. In Chapter 2, Mario and his partners must climb the mountain in order to get to their destination behind the mountain, Dry Dry Desert. Mt. Rugged is where the player meets Parakarry, a Paratroopa who tells them that he has lost letters all over the Mushroom Kingdom; several on Mt. Rugged. The player must first locate Parakarry's three letters on Mt. Rugged, once the player has achieved this, Parakarry will join the party. Mario needs Parakarry to hover across a broken bridge on the mountain as well as getting the Magical Seed here.

Buzzar is also encountered here and the player has the choice of battling him, which can help get him Star Points; alternately, he can tell Buzzar that he is Luigi, and Buzzar will surprisingly leave him alone.


Mt. Rugged is where Whacka can be found. When Whacka is hit with Mario's Hammer, an item appears from his head called Whacka's Bump. Eight of these can be gotten until Whacka disappears. There is a Toad girl who is a Whacka lover near the train station. When Mario talks to her, she expresses her adoration of the Whacka, and after the Whacka's disappearance, her worry about where it could have gone. A Super Block can also be found in the area near the train station, but blocked by a stone block, it is accessible only after getting the Super Hammer from Dry Dry Ruins.

The in-game map description reads, "It's a very rugged, rocky mountain. Dry Dry Railroad's Mt. Rugged Station is here. Dry Dry Desert is on the other side of Mt. Rugged."

Characters found[edit]

Character Description Quotes Goombario from Paper Mario.
Goombario's Tattle
A white-dotted Toad train conductor from Paper Mario
Toad conductor
A Toad train conductor in a black uniform with white dots.
  • "Mt. Rugged! Mt. Rugged! Passengers heading for Dry Dry Desert or Dry Dry Outpost, should proceed directly over Mt. Rugged from this station."
  • "We still have a little time before our next departure. Come back in a while."
  • "Hello, sir. This train is bound for Toad Town Station. Are you coming aboard?"
  • "All aboard for Toad Town!"
  • "He's the station master at the Mt. Rugged Station. He looks just like the one in Toad Town. Why is that? Is it because of his uniform... or the pattern on his head? Pretty cool uniform, huh?"
Toad in PM
Red Toad
A red-spotted Toad standing by the bench on the train station platform. Absent after Mario arrives at Dry Dry Outpost.
  • "The train's running again. Phew. About time! I can finally go back to Toad Town."
  • "This Toad works at the local travel agency. It's called Toad Town Tours. They like to personally inspect sites for future tours. I wonder what people could possibly want to see in the desert or on Mt. Rugged?"
A green Dryite from Paper Mario
Green Dryite
A green Dryite in the open space in front of the train station.
  • "If you want to go to Dry Dry Desert, you'll have to hike over Mt. Rugged. Follow the arrows on the signboards so you don't get lost. There are a lot of scary creatures around here. If you're not careful, you'll get hurt in a big way. If things are looking desperate, you'd better run away really fast. At least I would..."
  • "Somebody told me that Dry Dry Ruins just rose from the sand! No way! Do you believe it?"
  • "Some people think trains are pretty boring, but I don't. One day, I'm gonna get on this train right here and go to a town far, far away."
  • "A Dryite. He hangs around this station all the time. He must like traveling by train, I guess."
Green Toad
A green-spotted Toad girl in the open space in front of the train station.
  • "I saw a creature called a Whacka on Mt. Rugged! It was extra cute!"
  • "That extra cute Whacka... I haven't seen it lately. What could have happened? I'm a little worried. Mario, do you know anything about the habits of the wild Whacka?"
  • "This Toad loves to study the creatures of the world. She's really into conservation. She doesn't want anything to become extinct."
A pink-spotted female Toad in Paper Mario × 3
Pink Toads
Three pink-spotted Toad girls in the open space in front of the train station. Present after Mario arrives at Dry Dry Outpost and before he defeats Tutankoopa.
  • "Ah! Mt. Rugged Station! We finally made it, girls! Breathe that fresh air! I've always wanted to see Dry Dry Outpost and now we're almost there!"
  • "I heard that some of the hiking trails on Mt. Rugged are closed and that some dangerous creatures are about. How exciting! Danger! We'll be all right, right? Anything goes out here in the wild world! Oh, I've never felt so alive!"
  • "Stop it with those stories! You're giving me goosebumps! Don't talk anymore! Let's just bite the bullet and forge ahead! We didn't come all the way from Toad Town to turn back!"
  • "This Toad is one of the castle maids. Seeing as the castle has up and disappeared, I guess they've decided to take a holiday. Traveling does have a way of refreshing the body and mind."
  • "This Toad is one of the castle maids. They're all traveling together. They're quite good friends. I've never seen 'em apart!"
  • "This Toad is one of the castle maids. She's always been very curious. I wonder what kind of trip they're taking. It's definitely not going to be as difficult as our journey, but I'm kind of curious."
Parakarry from Paper Mario.
A Paratroopa mail carrier who joins Mario's party after Mario finds his lost letters. See List of Paper Mario quotes § Parakarry
  • "He's Parakarry, a Paratroopa who delivers letters. He's got some problems. It must be nice to have wings. He can fly anywhere. All postmen should have wings. You know, some people say that if you help someone in trouble, good things will happen to you. You know, karma. What? You've never heard that?"
Whacka from Paper Mario
A Whacka on Mt. Rugged who drops Whacka's Bumps when hit. See List of Paper Mario quotes § Whacka
  • "He's a Whacka. When you hit Whackas, they get Bumps that fall off. I heard that they're yummy. You know, I'm not normally into hitting Whackas, but once I heard of their tasty Bumps... I got the urge to whack 'em!"
A pink Bub-ulb from Paper Mario
Purple Bub-ulb
A purple Bub-ulb on Mt. Rugged who gives Mario a Magical Seed.
  • "Huh...? You're talking to me? I don't see anyone else here... All right! You are talking to me! It's been a long while since I first came here from my home in Flower Fields, but you're still the very first person to speak a word to me. Nobody ever notices me. The few people I actually see just think I'm blooming. I love a good conversation! Here, take this as thanks! This is a precious Seed. Keep it well and remember me."
  • "Please grow my Seed with care. It'll help you one day..."
  • "You know what makes me happy? When folks see me and smile. That's every flower's dream. Every flower's hope. Every flower'"
  • "You know, there are lots of my fellow Bub-ulbs living throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. If you run into any of them, be sure to stop and chat a bit. They'll be delighted."
  • "Are you taking a trip around the world or something? Traveling's fun, I guess. Not for me, though. Nuh-uh. I've decided to stay right here forever and ever."
  • "A flower, I think. But... Do most flowers move like that?"
  • "Oh! A Bub-ulb. I don't know why, but they give out Seeds. Boy, if there are lots of these guys in Flower Fields, it must be a hopping place!"

Enemies found[edit]

For enemy formations in Mt. Rugged, see here.

Items found[edit]

Item Icon Location
Star Piece A Star Piece, from Paper Mario. Under a hidden panel in the corner by the slope in the third scene.
On a ledge in the fourth scene.
In the southwestern corner of the room to the north of the second room (requires Parakarry).
Letter A letter On a big stone in the third scene (requires Kooper).
Down the cliff in the fifth scene.
In the room to the north of the second room, accessible after sliding the slope.
Magical Seed Sprite of the purple seed from Paper Mario Given by the Bub-ulb (requires Parakarry).
Egg An egg in Paper Mario In a bush near the Dry Dry Railroad station (may be obtained repeatedly by reloading the area).
Whacka's Bump PaperMario Items WhackasBump.png Dropped by hitting Whacka.
Sleepy Sheep PaperMario Items SleepySheep.png In a question block at the southeastern corner of the second scene.
Mushroom PaperMario Items Mushroom.png In a question block at the scene to the north of the second room.
Honey Syrup Honey Syrup from Paper Mario. In a question block at the scene to the north of the second room.
Quake Hammer Quake Hammer Badge.png On a big stone in the third scene (requires Parakarry).
Damage Dodge Damage Dodge Badge.png In the scene to the north of the second room, by going in the cave for a chest box.

Area Tattles[edit]

  • This is the Mt. Rugged station on the Dry Dry Railroad line. Not much grows around here or on the barren mountain.
  • What a steep mountain!
  • Watch out for the sneaky Monty Moles that are common to this area. They're dirty fighters. They pop up from underground and chuck rocks at people. The cowards!
  • Phew! Maybe we ought to take a break! I didn't realize the road up would be so rough! Of course, as nice as it would be to take five on a rock, you have to watch yourself. Enemies disguise themselves as rocks. They're nasty and spiky, so keep your eyes open.
  • Whoa! We're pretty high up! Ooog... I feel a little faint. I never told you this before, but I have a fear of heights.


Names in other languages[edit]

Bowser's CastlePeach's CastleStar HavenStar WayShiver CityShiver SnowfieldStarborn ValleyShiver MountainCrystal PalaceGoomba VillageGoomba King's FortressMario's HouseShy Guy's Toy BoxClub 64Toad Town DojoShooting Star SummitKoopa VillageKoopa Bros. FortressWindy MillTubba Blubba's CastlePleasant PathDry Dry RailroadToad TownGoomba RoadFlower FieldsBoo's MansionForever ForestDry Dry OutpostDry Dry DesertMt. RuggedGusty GulchYoshi's VillageMt. LavalavaJade JungleLavalava Island
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Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴツゴツ山 / ゴツゴツやま
Gotsugotsu Yama
Craggy Mountain
Chinese 乱石山
Luànshí Shān
Riprap Mountain (from iQue's localization of Paper Mario)
French Mont Accidenté Rugged Mount
German Klippenberg Cliff Mountain
Spanish Monte Escarpado Sheer Mount