Tidal Wave

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Paper Mario move
Tidal Wave
Tidal Wave.png
Mastered by Sushie
Rank Ultra Rank
Effect Sushie creates a tidal wave, damaging every enemy
Target All enemies
Attack Power 13 (original)
14 (ports)
Element Water
Sushie using Tidal Wave on Lava Piranha.

Tidal Wave is a move used by Sushie in Paper Mario. This attack costs Mario six Flower Points and can be used once Sushie is Ultra Rank. In this attack Sushie bounces across the screen hitting all enemies with water. Because this move is imbued with the water element, some enemies will take more or less damage from the attack depending on their weakness or resistance to water.

The action command involves executing the most correct inputs (A Button, B Button, Down C Button) within a time limit. The inputs pop-up one after another whenever the latest one is successfully executed, and for every successful input the attack will do 1 more damage, up to 14. However, without cycle-mashing,[1] reaching anything close to 14 is unrealistic, and in practice the expected damage output of Tidal Wave is 6.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジェットふんしゃ
Jetto Funsha
Jet Spray

Chinese 巨浪
Huge Wave

French Raz de Marée
German Tsunami
Italian Aquajet[2]
Water jet
Spanish Maremoto


  • On the Nintendo 64, if more than 13 button inputs are pressed, the game crashes.[3] Furthermore, if this move is used in the encounter against Huff N. Puff while multiple Tuff Puffs are present, the game can be crashed with even fewer inputs.
    • However, on the Virtual Console, the game doesn't crash but instead maxes out after 14 buttons are pressed, and the 15th button icon location overflows and gets stuck on the status bar. Other HUD issues are experienced as well.
  • On the Wii Virtual Console version, when this move is used, the game slows down during the part in which the screen is covered in water by this move.


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