Mega Shock

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Paper Mario move
Mega Shock
Mega Shock.png
Mastered by Watt
Rank Ultra Rank
Effect Watt emits a powerful shock, trying to inflict paralysis to all enemies
Target All enemies

Mega Shock is an attack that Watt learns in Paper Mario upon reaching Ultra Rank. The attack costs Mario five FP, and if successful will inflict paralysis onto all enemies. To increase the chances of the move working, the player must simultaneously repeatedly press A Button and B Button to fill the gauge. The success rate depends on the individual enemy, and the average of all enemies present dictates how easy or difficult it is to fill the gauge. If maxed out, all non-immune enemies hit will become paralyzed and do nothing for the duration of the effect. By default, the paralysis inflicted by this move lasts for 3 turns, though certain enemies may have a modifier that shortens or prolongs the effect.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メガショック
Mega Shock
Chinese 终极电震
Zhōngjí Diànzhèn
Ultra Electric Shock
French Méga Choc Mega Shock
German Mega-Schock Mega Shock
Spanish (NOE) Mega Shock[1] Same as in English