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Club 64
The interior of Club 64
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Club 64 (called iQue Club in the iQue version) is a club situated on the port of Toad Town in Paper Mario. The "64" part in its name is for the fact that the game is played on the Nintendo 64. It doubles as both a café and a restaurant. Pop Diva performs here on a daily basis. This is also the hangout for Master Poet, who is in love with Pop Diva. Club 64 has no role in the main plot of the game, however it does involve a sidequest, in which the Master Poet needs music to go along with his Lyrics in order for Pop Diva to be able to sing again, and Mario will get the Attack FX D badge for completing it. Some time after the Whale shows up at the port, it turns out that the whale is good for the club's business, as one of its employees says, "That whale has been really good for the biz. People come for the whale and stay for the food! This joint's been jumping!".

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese CLUB64[1]


Chinese (simplified) 神游俱乐部
Shényóu Jùlèbù
iQue Club


  • The notice outside Club 64 reads:

☆ Today's Menu ☆
Sailor's Lunch Special
☆ Mushroom Pasta ☆
☆ Seafood Soup ☆
☆ Seafood Salad ☆

The menu does not change throughout the game.


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