Kolorado's wife

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“My husband... What a difficult man... But I still love him!”
Kolorado's wife, Paper Mario

Kolorado's wife is the Koopa Troopa that Kolorado is married to in Paper Mario. She dwells in her house in Koopa Village. She constantly gets angered at Kolorado for leaving on his expeditions without informing her. She instead wants him to settle down and stay home with her more often.

At the end of the game, Kolorado's wife is seen approaching Parakarry as the latter was delivering the invitation to Bombette. Kolorado, Kooper, and a few archaeologists went on an expedition to Crystal Palace. When Parakarry comes, he informs Kolorado that he had received a message from his wife stating: "Don't bother coming back you wandering buffoon!" Having heard the message, Kolorado immediately rushes back to his wife. She is also seen in the ending parade, riding atop the whale with her husband.

Kolorado's wife has written Kooper a letter, which the player can read at the Toad Town Post Office. She also plays a part in one of Koopa Koot's favors, where she gives the book Koopa Legends to him.


  • "She's the wife of Kolorado, who's an archaeologist and explorer. She always worries about him. You know, I like adventures, too. I can totally see my future wife being like that, always worried about brave Goombario."