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Master Stinger, an NPC in Mario Golf: Super Rush
Master Stinger about to train the player's Mii

The Master Stinger is a supporting character in Mario Golf: Super Rush. He is a hooded Koopa Troopa who appears near the start of Adventure Mode, encountered just before the player advances to Balmy Dunes. He teaches the player how to utilize their energy to perform Special Shots, as well as a Stinger Shot.

Just before the player leaves Bonny Greens, they may find Master Stinger in the Practice Area, next to a golf cart and firewood. He offers to teach the player about energy, and prompts a tutorial. He first teaches them how to hit their ball onto an island across the water by shooting a Stinger Shot at low trajectory to skim it across. He supplies the player with his Green Shell 3 Wood, challenging them to hit three of ten shots onto specific portions of the island.

Once this is accomplished, Master Stinger moves on to using a Special Shot, explaining that they can be purchased with coins. He instructs them to use one directly toward a large rock obstructing the island. Doing this correctly destroys the rock and completes the training. Afterward, Master Stinger reminds the player to use their energy in this manner, pressing L Button when the energy gauge is full to perform a Special Shot. From this point on, the player is able to use the Power Stinger, the player's Special Shot. Additionally, Master Stinger provides them with the club used during the lesson for their own use.

There is a statue of Master Stinger in Shelltop Sanctuary, as is the case with the other two Koopa Troopa masters, Master Lob and Master Duff.


  • "Do you know about the tremendous power of energy? Of course you do not!"
  • "But I sense that you COULD know about it...if I TOLD you about it. Come... You have much to learn..."
  • "Here we are. Now, I have at least two things to teach you today. Three, if you count my name."
  • "First...not all is as it seems on the golf course. Is the sky blue? Is water wet? The answer to at least one of these may surprise and annoy you!"
  • "If your goal is to hit the ball onto the island across the water, but the winds are blowing fiercely, how would you do it?"
  • "You would have to shoot a ball at a low trajectory and skim it across the water. Oh...that IS your goal right now, by the way."
  • "Ah, but won't my ball sink if it hits the water, you ask? Ahahaha!"
  • "Sorry. I suppose that isn't really funny. Well, it turns out that if you hit a Stinger Shot at a low trajectory, it will skim the water!"
  • "Try it now! Use this club, and see if you can hit three of 10 shots within the targets on that island."
  • "You have passed the first stage of your training! Now you are ready to unleash the energy that burns within you."
  • "Ancient energy operates much like a vending machine full of delicious, salty potato chips. It requires coins!"
  • "When you have collected enough coins, you can unleash a Special Shot using energy! Try aiming one at that rock."
  • "Are you surprised that you succeeded? I am not. I know all and expect the unexpected. Not that this was unexpected."
  • "Please don't take that the wrong way. Um...continue using energy to increase carry and land balls with precision."
  • "Oh! And press L Button when your energy gauge is full to use your Special Shot. That part is pretty important!"
  • "One last may keep the club you used during your lesson as a memento. Or you can, you know...keep using it. Good luck."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Maestro Stinger Master Stinger