Bonny Greens

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Bonny Greens
Alternate View of Bonny Greens in Mario Golf: Super Rush 
Location Mushroom Kingdom 
How to unlock Default 
Number of Holes 18 
Par 72 
Appearance(s) Mario Golf: Super Rush

Bonny Greens is a golf course in Mario Golf: Super Rush. It takes place in a grassy valley with lots of trees and sheep, with the latter grazing in the fields adjacent to the course. As it is the first main course of the game, it is straightforward and contains few major obstacles. Like the other courses, it has 18 holes and the par is 72.


Hole Image Par Rookie Tee Front Tee Back Tee Championship Tee Description
1 4 365 yards 379 yards 404 yards ? A straightforward hole, with some bunkers.
2 3 135 yards 152 yards 176 yards ? The first Par 3 of the main courses, this hole is a standard Par 3.
3 5 498 yards 513 yards 537 yards ? A hole with several bunkers and trees.
4 4 357 yards 372 yards 393 yards ? A hole with a large tree near the green.
5 4 376 yards 388 yards 420 yards ? A hole with several bunkers
6 3 157 yards 189 yards 202 yards ? A straight hole with a long bunker.
7 4 375 yards 400 yards 415 yards ? A curvy hole with several bunkers.
8 4 354 yards 369 yards 396 yards ? A straight hole with a large tree near the teeing area.
9 5 499 yards 519 yards 534 yards ? A curved hole near a lake.
10 4 370 yards 404 yards 419 yards ? A hole with several trees along its sides.
11 4 351 yards 384 yards 388 yards ? A hole with several bunkers.
12 5 474 yards 484 yards 498 yards ? A hole with trees capable of blocking shots.
13 4 383 yards 399 yards 414 yards ? A straightforward, somewhat curved, hole.

Golf Adventure[edit]

In Golf Adventure mode, Bonnie Greens is seen to be inhabited mostly by Koopa Troopas, Koopa Paratroopas, Monty Moles, Shy Guys and Goombas. There are a few houses and a clubhouse with a shop and a café inside. There is also a pen with Sheep inside.

Bonnie Greens is where Birdo gives accommodation to the rookies (the Mii player, Boo, Chargin' Chuck, and Toadette). It is also where the rookies are given golfwatches by the Head Coach and the Manager, and where the Mii player is given their first seven clubs.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Greenweiden
French Erascotte
German Grünbüschel
Italian Green graziosi Graceful Greens
Spanish (NOA) Villa Bella Beautiful Village
Spanish (NOE) Hierbas Altas High Grasslands