DK Jungle (golf course)

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DK Jungle
DK Jungle (golf course)
Location Donkey Kong Island
How to unlock 28 Star Coins
Number of holes 9
Par 36
Appears in Mario Golf: World Tour

DK Jungle is a golf course in Mario Golf: World Tour. It is unlocked after collecting 28 Star Coins. It is a Par 36, as it is a nine hole course. It is strongly based off of the Donkey Kong franchise, mainly Donkey Kong Country Returns. TNT Barrels, Donkey Kong's hut, Chomps, and Screaming Pillars act as the course's gimmicks. It features various wood areas and some holes take place near giant trees, like Congo Canopy. Getting all the Star Coins for this course's challenges awards the player with a Donkey Kong costume, and completing Character Costume Challenges here will unlock Dry Bowser, Reznor, and Dry Bones costumes.


Hole Image Par Front Tee Back Tee Tournament Tee Description
1 Mario Golf: World Tour 5 484 yards

443 meters

502 yards

459 meters

522 yards

477 meters

Two Screaming Pillars flank the fairway near the beginning of this hole. In the center is DK's hut, and above it is a Barrel Cannon which shoots balls onto the green.
2 Mario Golf: World Tour 4 392 yards

358 meters

404 yards

369 meters

418 yards

382 meters

This hole is separated by an abyss with two bouncy flowers. The ball can be hit over the gap, or onto the flowers that can get the ball across.
3 Mario Golf: World Tour 3 158 yards

144 meters

169 yards

155 meters

182 yards

166 meters

The green is surrounded by three TNT Barrels, so getting the ball to land on this area takes extra care.
4 Mario Golf: World Tour 4 382 yards

349 meters

402 yards

368 meters

422 yards

386 meters

This hole turns left and then right, with TNT Barrels lining the diagonal stretch. The bouncy flower on the left can be used to get the ball over the first few obstacles.
5 Mario Golf: World Tour 4 390 yards

357 meters

408 yards

373 meters

430 yards

393 meters

This hole is made of small islands. Either get the ball from island to island, or aim it at the Barrel Cannon in the center so it can be shot onto the green.
6 Mario Golf: World Tour 4 387 yards

354 meters

407 yards

372 meters

427 yards

390 meters

This hole has Chomps all around, including three of them lined up in the center of the fairway.
7 Mario Golf: World Tour 5 498 yards

455 meters

518 yards

474 meters

539 yard

493 meters

A winding hole with three big Screaming Pillars, and four Barrel Cannons. Three Barrel Cannons shoot balls towards the green, and one shoots them backwards.
8 Mario Golf: World Tour 3 143 yards

131 meters

157 yards

144 meters

170 yards

155 meters

This hole has the player hit the ball into the center of a tree trunk. Reading the wind is very important here.
9 Mario Golf: World Tour 4 381 yards

348 meters

400 yards

366 meters

421 yards

385 meters

A straight but tricky hole with five TNT Barrels on the fairway, and four Screaming Pillars on the right side.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese DKジャングル
DK Janguru
DK Jungle
Italian Giungla DK DK Jungle
Spanish Jungla DK DK Jungle