New Donk City (golf course)

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New Donk City
View of New Donk City in Mario Golf: Super Rush 
How to unlock Update to version 2.0.0 
Number of holes Two layouts with 18 holes each (36 total) 
Par 54 for both layouts 
Appearance(s) Mario Golf: Super Rush

New Donk City is a golf course in Mario Golf: Super Rush. It is set in the city with the same name in Super Mario Odyssey and is unavailable in the Golf Adventure mode. It has two layouts, where the holes and the tees are in different locations. Most of the ground on the course, aside from the tees and the greens, is classified as rock. There are some areas which are considered to be fairway, for example the grass in parks, but there are no sections of rough or bunkers on this course. The greens are mostly flat.


Amateur layout[edit]

Hole Image Par Distance Description
1 3 135 yards A straight hole leading towards the city hall. There are some Dash Panels for use in Speed Golf.
2 3 58 yards An almost straight hole with a single Dash Panel for use in Speed Golf.
3 3 67 yards A short, basic hole with the green located between two buildings. It sees players crossing the street which the first hole is located on.
4 3 46 yards A straight hole with the green located in the park next to the first hole's tee.
5 3 63 yards A straight hole with the green located in the RC Car course. There is a Dash Panel and a Taxi which can be bounced off by players in Speed Golf.
6 3 49 yards A straightforward hole. The green is in the same location as it is on the fourth hole, however the hole itself has been moved.
7 3 45 yards A straight hole. The green is located on a suspended steel platform which can be accessed via a ramp.
8 3 69 yards A straight hole starting on another steel platform. The green is at street level.
9 3 61 yards This hole is similar to the first. It starts on the same street leading towards the city hall and ends on the same green, however the hole and the tee have both been moved. One of the Dash Panels is still accessible.
10 3 33 yards A very short straight hole which sees players hitting over a large steel beam to reach the green. In Speed Golf, players can use one of three Jump Panels to cross the gap between the tee and the green.
11 3 68 yards A straight hole with the green on the rooftop of the building directly across from the tee. In Speed Golf, players must use one of two Jump Panels to cross between the buildings.
12 3 41 yards A short straight hole with the green slightly upwards from the tee. There is a Jump Panel and the hole is located on a mound on the green.
13 3 23 yards A very short hole. Players must hit over a gazebo to reach the green.
14 3 34 yards A short straight hole with the green upwards from the tee. There are two Jump Panels for use in Speed Golf.
15 3 31 yards A short hole with the green significantly below the tee, on the building below.
16 3 48 yards A straight hole with the green on the building across from the tee.
17 3 66 yards A straight hole with the green upwards from the tee. Depending on where on the tee the player starts, there is a billboard advertising Steam Gardens and the New Donk City Festival which may be an obstacle. There are Jump Panels for use in Speed Golf.
18 3 59 yards A short straight hole. The green is significantly upwards from the tee.


  • Play Nintendo:
    Additional course: New Donk City

    You can hit the green…err…asphalt (?) in New Donk City! With its towering buildings and excited citizens, fans of the Super Mario Odyssey game may recognize the familiar scenery in the new 18-hole course.
    You can make your way through the city streets in Standard Golf, Speed Golf, and Solo Challenge, banking your shots off buildings and showing off for the locals.[1]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Chinese (Simplified) 纽敦市
Niǔ Dūn Shì
New Donk City
Chinese (Traditional) 紐頓市
Niǔ Dùn Shì
New Donk City
Dutch New Donk City -
French New Donk City -
German New Donk City -
Italian New Donk City -
Spanish Nueva Donk New Donk City


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