A Traditional Festival!

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A Traditional Festival!
Mario (in his "classic" look) and Pauline
Mario dancing besides Pauline.
Location Metro Kingdom
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Odyssey
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A Traditional Festival! is the third and final story mission of the Metro Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. Not counting the post-game objectives, it is the only replayable story mission in the game.


Mario at the New Donk City Festival, surrounded by many pixel Luigi's and Captain Toad's during the game's first anniversary
An audience and 8-bit figures present at the festival.

After Mario has convinced the band members to join Pauline in the festival and restored the city's power supply, he is able to climb a lengthy 2-D section referencing the original Donkey Kong. There are Barrels found along the way that serve as obstacles, as well as large amounts of coins. When Mario reaches the top, he has to hit four ? Blocks under a large, 8-bit Donkey Kong. Afterwards, Mario can enter a Pipe and speak to Pauline, awarding Mario and Cappy a Multi Moon. Additionally, the "Celebrating in the Streets!" Power Moon can be obtained during the festival, by taking a hidden 8-bit Pipe which leads to a secret room.

A variation of "Jump Up, Super Star!" is sung during this mission. The mission can be replayed at any time by talking to a New Donker in the New Donk City Auditorium; if the player has unlocked the 8-bit version of the song after fulfilling all of Jammin' Toad's requests, it can be requested to play instead of the standard version of the song. This replaces the portraits of Pauline on the billboards seen throughout the festival with her original sprite from Donkey Kong.

From October 27, 2018 until November 7, 2018, for the first anniversary of Super Mario Odyssey, 39 pixel Luigis and Captain Toads were added in the ground around the concert. Mario could explore the area and ground pound their spots to reveal them, each pixel character awarding him 200 coins at first discovery. The reason there were 39 is due to the fact that the Japanese pronunciations of the digits, san and kyū, sound similar to "thank you."[1]

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 伝統のフェスティバル!
Dentō no Fesutibaru!
A Traditional Festival!

Chinese (simplified) 传统的庆典!
Chuántǒng de qìngdiǎn!
A Traditional Celebration!

Chinese (traditional) 傳統的慶典!
Chuántǒng de qìngdiǎn!
A Traditional Celebration!

Dutch Een traditoneel festival
A Traditional Festival
French (NOA) Mythique festival!
Mythical Festival!
French (NOE) Mythique festival !
Mythical Festival!
German Ein traditionelles Festival
A Traditional Festival
Italian Un Festival tradizionale!
A traditional Festival!
Russian Традиционный День города!
Traditsionnyy Den' goroda!
Traditional City's day!

Spanish Un festival tradicional
A Traditional Festival


  • This is the only Multi Moon mission where a different theme plays when collecting the Multi Moon.
  • Attacking the musicians will remove their respective instrument from the song for as long as their hit animation plays, including Pauline who will stop singing.
  • Based on their color, the various sprites from Donkey Kong appear to be lifted from the NES port rather than the original arcade version.