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Cap Kingdom
SMO Art - Cap Kingdom.jpg
First Appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

The Cap Kingdom is a region featured in the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey. It is a gloomy, monochromatic land filled with thick fog and hat-like ghosts, including Cappy. It serves as the starting point of the game, and is the greater region of Bonneton. The Cap Kingdom is the only region in the game that does not feature Power Moons.[1] There is also an airship owned by one of the residents, which is found crashed towards the center of town towards the beginning. Past the residential area, there is a building plastered with posters advertising the imminent wedding of Princess Peach and Bowser. In front of it, Mario and Cappy encounter some Micro Goombas, which Cappy notes recognize Mario in an aggressive manner. This kingdom's Regional Coins take the form of top hats.


  • Top-Hat Tower: The main attraction of Bonneton.



  • Hat-like ghost creatures, including Cappy and Tiara
  • Frogs


Names in other languages[edit]

Cap Kingdom[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 帽子の国
Bōshi no Kuni
Hat Country
Spanish (NOE) Reino Sombrero[2] Hat Kingdom
French Pays des Chapeaux[3] Hats Country
Dutch Hoedenrijk[4] Hat Kingdom
German Hutland[5] Hat Country
Italian Regno del Cappello[6] Hat Kingdom
Russian Шляпное царство[7]
Shl'apnoe carstvo
Hat Kingdom


Language Name Meaning
Japanese カブロン
Spanish (NOE) Villa Chistera[2] Top Hat Town
French Haut-de-Bourg[3] Pun on Haut-de-forme (top hat) and bourg (common word for a village in France)
Dutch Hoedpoort[4] Hat Port
German Zylindrien[5] Zylinder is German for top hat.
Italian Borgo Tuba[6] Tube Village
Russian г. Боннетон[7]
g. Bonneton
Bonneton City


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