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Cap Kingdom
Home of Tradition, Propriety, and Hats
SMO Art - Cap Kingdom.jpg
A land of haberdashed dreams.
Population Middling
Size Smallish
Locals Bonneters
Currency Hat-shaped
Industry Hats, Airships
Temperature Average 71°F (22°C)
First Appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

The Cap Kingdom is the first kingdom visited in Super Mario Odyssey. It is a gloomy, monochromatic kingdom filled with thick fog and hat-like ghosts called Bonneters, including Cappy. This kingdom also serves as the tutorial stage of the game, and is the greater location of Bonneton. At the start of the game, Mario and Cappy meet up here in the Central Plaza of Bonneton, and decide to join together to rescue Princess Peach and Tiara (Cappy's little sister). After traversing through the Central Plaza, Mario and Cappy reach the entrance of Top-Hat Tower, where they encounter some Micro Goombas, which Cappy notices recognize Mario in an aggressive manner. After climbing through the Top-Hat Tower and reaching its summit, Mario must face against Topper, one of the Broodals, in order to gain access to the next kingdom - the Cascade Kingdom.

This kingdom is most likely based on the real-world location of London (England) due to the architecture visible in the background, the misty environment and the clothing worn by the residents of the town.

The Cap Kingdom is located west of the Cascade Kingdom and east of the Mushroom Kingdom. Geographically, the kingdom is a top hat-shaped piece of land covered in black vegetation.


The Cap Kingdom brochure.
  • Central Plaza
  • Top-Hat Tower

Brochure details[edit]

Architecture protrudes from the fog.

World's Best Hat Stand[edit]

This eye-catching tower is famous in Bonneton, both as a landmark itself and for the spectacular view from the "brim."

Visitors are allowed inside, but many creatures call the tower home, much to the surprise of first timers.

You might mistake them for giants' top hats.

Extremely Mobile Homes[edit]

In town, you will immediately notice the unique dwellings shaped like hats. These constructions double as both house and airship for the Bonneters, who take great pride in them.

Some of the larger "houseboats" even have two stories. As private dwellings, you can't just stroll inside, but the natives don't mind people climbing on top of their homes. Perhaps being atop private property comes naturally to these hat-like people.

The distinctively double-arched bridge.

A Spectacle of a Bridge[edit]

The bridge that connects the central square and the hills is called Glasses Bridge. It's a long, double-arched structure whose bottom is hidden in a sea of clouds. When you see it, you'll understand its affectionate nickname immediately. Many tourists enjoy the speedy thrill of rolling across the undulating structure—be sure to give it a try!

They also look a bit like hat stands.

Old-Fashioned Lighting[edit]

These unique lights only appear in Bonneton. Since the area gets so dark every time the moon goes behind the clouds, the lights are designed to be switched on with a simple turn of the lantern. The elegant design of these lampposts draws many tourists. They're even lovelier when turned on, so do give each one a spin as you pass by.

The bridge's waves go with the sea of fog.

The "Sometimes" Bridge[edit]

The bridge connecting Central Square to Top-Hat Tower is build to retract in an emergency. If this happens during your visit, don't panic—just use the switch to restore the bridge.

SMO Cap Brochure C.png

Posts that stand out...[edit]

These wooden posts are used as partitions or stoppers. If they get in your way, you can pound them down, but pulling them out is recommended.

SMO Cap Brochure G.png

Three Keys to the Kingdom[edit]

  1. Appreciate the distinctive architectural style based on hat silhouettes.
  2. Enjoy the romantic glow of the moonlit, fog-shrouded streets.
  3. Chat with the kind and ever-courteous Bonneters.


Power Moons[edit]

Power Moon SMO.jpg
Main article: List of Cap Kingdom Power Moons

There are a total of 31 Power Moons in the Cap Kingdom. During the player's first visit to this kingdom, none of the Power Moons can be collected. After the player finds the Odyssey in the Cascade Kingdom and powers it up, they can return here and collect 11 of the Power Moons. After defeating Bowser in the Moon Kingdom, 6 more Power Moons become available in this kingdom. The Moon Rock will also be available to destroy, causing 14 additional Power Moons to be accessible.

Regional coins[edit]

Cap Coins.png
Main article: List of Cap Kingdom regional coins

The Cap Kingdom contains 50 regional coins, which take the form of top-hats. They cannot be collected until the player powers up the Odyssey in the Cascade Kingdom.


Names in other languages[edit]

Cap Kingdom[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 帽子の国
Bōshi no kuni
Hat Country
Spanish Reino Sombrero Hat Kingdom
French Pays des Chapeaux Hats Country
Dutch Hoedenrijk Hat Realm
German Hutland Hat Country
Italian Regno del Cappello Hat Kingdom
Russian Шляпное царство
Shlyapnoye tsarstvo
Hat Kingdom
Korean 모자 왕국
Moja Wangguk
Cap Kingdom
Chinese 帽子国 (Simplified)
帽子國 (Traditional)
Màozǐ guó
Hat Country


Language Name Meaning
Japanese カブロン
From kaburu 「かぶる」 (put on)
Spanish Villa Chistera Top-Hat Town
French Haut-de-Bourg From haut-de-forme (top-hat) and bourg (a common suffix for villages in France)
Dutch Hoedpoort Hat Port
German Zylindrien From Zylinder (top-hat)
Italian Borgo Tuba Tube Village
Russian Боннетон
Korean 모런
Chinese 戴布伦 (Simplified)
戴布倫 (Traditional)
Dài bù lún
A portmanteau of 戴 (dài), to wear (a hat), and Bonneton's Japanese name.