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Cap Kingdom
Home of Tradition, Propriety, and Hats
SMO Cap Brochure Art.png
A land of haberdashed dreams.
Population Middling
Size Smallish
Locals Bonneters
Currency Hat-shaped
Industry Hats, Airships
Temperature Average 71°F (22°C)
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
“Doesn't the moonlight just put you at ease?”
Bonneter, Super Mario Odyssey

The Cap Kingdom is the first kingdom visited in Super Mario Odyssey. It is a gloomy, monochromatic kingdom filled with thick fog inhabited by hat-like beings called Bonneters, including Cappy and his sister, Tiara. The resident Bonneters excel at ship-building and can even attach sails to their homes to convert them into airships. This kingdom also serves as the tutorial stage of the game, and is the greater location of Bonneton. Bonneton is possibly the joining of "Bonnet" (a type of headgear) and the city-name suffix "-ton". The Cap Kingdom island is located west of the Cascade Kingdom and northeast of the Mushroom Kingdom. Geographically, the kingdom is a top hat-shaped island covered in black vegetation, soil and ground. As the name Cap Kingdom implies, hat-shaped buildings and reliefs are everywhere in this land of tradition and formality.

The kingdom in The Art of Super Mario Odyssey

As shown in The Art of Super Mario Odyssey, this kingdom is based on the real-world location of London, England, particularly the Victorian era, due to the architecture visible in the background, the misty environment, and the clothing worn by the residents of the town. The residents also use many stock British expressions and hat-themed parodies thereof.


At the start of the game, Mario lands directly in this location after being knocked off of Bowser's airship. Here, he meets Cappy for the first time on the Glasses Bridge of Bonneton, and decides to join together to rescue Princess Peach and Tiara (Cappy's little sister). After traversing through the Central Plaza, Mario and Cappy reach the entrance of Top-Hat Tower, where they encounter some Mini Goombas, which Cappy notices recognize Mario in an aggressive manner. Inside the Top-Hat Tower, Mario learns to Capture by capturing a frog. After climbing through the Top-Hat Tower and reaching its summit, Mario must fight against Topper, one of the Broodals, in order to gain access to the next kingdom - the Cascade Kingdom.

Concept and creation[edit]

Concept art of Mario fallen on Bonneton in Super Mario Odyssey.
Concept art of Bonneton
Concept art of the lampposts of Bonneton in Super Mario Odyssey.
Concept art of the lampposts of Bonneton

With the Cap Kingdom being the first place that players visit after Mario's defeat in the opening cinematic, this world's strange and slightly disturbing environment was intended to reflect the player's feelings as they dive into this new game.[1] Bonneton was designed incorporating a silk hat-like design in various objects, with the lawn also recalling the felt of the hats.[2] A reduced number of colors was used in the design to make the moon look impressive.[2] The concept art shows that in the early design the undulating city in the background was already there, along with the airship of the Broodals and the spark pylon leading to Fossil Falls. On the other hand, the Top-Hat Tower was meant to have a small tower with another top hat on top stemming from the main building, as well as two windows that looked like eyes. The entrance to it looked like a statue of Bowser with a top hat, while the Bonneters had a body and a head, with eyes not being incorporated in the hats. The lampposts were based on hat racks with three hats on them rather than just one,[3] and had a curved main stem to distinguish them from street lights from Metro Kingdom and fit Bonneton.[3]

Brochure details[edit]

Architecture protrudes from the fog.

World's Best Hat Stand[edit]

This eye-catching tower is famous in Bonneton, both as a landmark itself and for the spectacular view from the "brim."

Visitors are allowed inside, but many creatures call the tower home, much to the surprise of first timers.

You might mistake them for giants' top hats.

Extremely Mobile Homes[edit]

In town, you will immediately notice the unique dwellings shaped like hats. These constructions double as both house and airship for the Bonneters, who take great pride in them.

Some of the larger "houseboats" even have two stories. As private dwellings, you can't just stroll inside, but the natives don't mind people climbing on top of their homes. Perhaps being atop private property comes naturally to these hat-like people.

The distinctively double-arched bridge.

A Spectacle of a Bridge[edit]

The bridge that connects the central square and the hills is called Glasses Bridge. It's a long, double-arched structure whose bottom is hidden in a sea of clouds. When you see it, you'll understand its affectionate nickname immediately. Many tourists enjoy the speedy thrill of rolling across the undulating structure—be sure to give it a try!

They also look a bit like hat stands.

Old-Fashioned Lighting[edit]

These unique lights only appear in Bonneton. Since the area gets so dark every time the moon goes behind the clouds, the lights are designed to be switched on with a simple turn of the lantern. The elegant design of these lampposts draws many tourists. They're even lovelier when turned on, so do give each one a spin as you pass by.

The bridge's waves go with the sea of fog.

The "Sometimes" Bridge[edit]

The bridge connecting Central Square to Top-Hat Tower is built to retract in an emergency. If this happens during your visit, don't panic—just use the switch to restore the bridge.

SMO Cap Brochure C.png

Posts that stand out...[edit]

These wooden posts are used as partitions or stoppers. If they get in your way, you can pound them down, but pulling them out is recommended.

SMO Cap Brochure G.png

Three Keys to the Kingdom[edit]

  1. Appreciate the distinctive architectural style based on hat silhouettes.
  2. Enjoy the romantic glow of the moonlit, fog-shrouded streets.
  3. Chat with the kind and ever-courteous Bonneters.


SMO Cap Brochure Map.png

Checkpoint Flag locations[edit]


The Odyssey Checkpoint Flag in the Cap Kingdom
Main article: Odyssey

After obtaining the Odyssey in the Cascade Kingdom, it will land in the southwest corner of the map where Mario first arrived.

Central Plaza[edit]

The Central Plaza Checkpoint Flag in the Cap Kingdom
Main article: Central Plaza

The Central Plaza is the main residential area of Bonneton. When Mario first arrives, it is in ruins from Bowser's attack. The Checkpoint Flag does not appear until Mario returns later after the plaza is rebuilt.

Top-Hat Tower[edit]

The Top-Hat Tower Checkpoint Flag in the Cap Kingdom
Main article: Top-Hat Tower

This Checkpoint Flag is found near the top of the Top-Hat Tower next to the doorway where Mario exits the tower's interior.

Bonus areas[edit]

Bonus area Accessed via Location Description
The Poison Tide in Super Mario Odyssey
The Poison Tide
Red door Behind the base of Top-Hat Tower A narrow tunnel-like area filled with poison, in which Mario must capture a Paragoomba to collect Moon Shards hovering over the poison in order to obtain a Power Moon.
The ninth Power Moon of the Cap Kingdom.
Push-Block Area
Red door On the north side of the Top-Hat Tower's brim A platforming area featuring Push-Blocks and spark pylons.
The Frog Pond in Super Mario Odyssey
The Frog Pond
Red door In the wall north of the Binoculars A large, flooded room featuring various suspended platforms and lifts and countless frogs, which Mario must capture to collect Moon Shards located among the platforms to obtain a Power Moon.
SMO Cap Moon 30.png
Slide Area
Moon Pipe Behind the Crazy Cap vendors A downward slope-like course where Mario must roll downhill while avoiding some Spinies.


Enemies marked with an asterisk (*) are only found in bonus areas.


  1. Cappy of the Cap Kingdom: The goal is to catch Cappy across the Glasses Bridge.
    1. To the Top of Top-Hat Tower: The goal is to reach the top of Top-Hat Tower and beat Topper.
    2. The Kingdom Next Door: The goal is to use the spark pylon to reach the Cascade Kingdom. This disappears when the Cap Kingdom is revisited.

Power Moons[edit]

A Power Moon in Super Mario Odyssey
The Cap Kingdom has yellow Power Moons.
Main article: List of Power Moons in the Cap Kingdom

There are a total of 31 Power Moons in the Cap Kingdom. During the player's first visit to this kingdom, none of the Power Moons can be collected. After the player finds the Odyssey in the Cascade Kingdom and powers it up, they can return here and collect 11 of the Power Moons. After defeating Bowser in the Moon Kingdom, 6 more Power Moons become available in this kingdom, including one from the kingdom's Hint Art. The Moon Rock will also be available to destroy, unlocking 14 additional Power Moons.

Regional coins[edit]

SMO Cap Regional Coin Screenshot.png
Main article: List of regional coins in the Cap Kingdom

The Cap Kingdom contains 50 regional coins, which take the form of top-hats. They cannot be collected until the player powers up the Odyssey in the Cascade Kingdom.

Crazy Cap items[edit]

Item Description Price
The Black Top Hat icon.
Black Top Hat
This classy number is the best seller at Bonneton's Crazy Cap shop. Regional coin from the Cap Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey 5
The Black Tuxedo icon.
Black Tuxedo
Bonneton's Crazy Cap shop is famous for these impeccably tailored outfits. Regional coin from the Cap Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey 10
The Plush Frog souvenir icon.
Plush Frog
These little froggies wear tiny top hats for self-defense, which looks so darn cute, they made a toy version! Regional coin from the Cap Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey 5
The Bonneton Tower Model souvenir icon.
Bonneton Tower Model
This model of a tower in the Cap Kingdom is popular with tourists thanks to its faithful re-creation and detailed craftsmanship. Regional coin from the Cap Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey 25
The Cap Kingdom Sticker souvenir icon.
Cap Kingdom Sticker
A sticker inspired by Top-Hat Tower. Regional coin from the Cap Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey 5
A Power Moon in Super Mario Odyssey
Cap Kingdom Power Moon
A Power Moon that was dug up in the Bonneton outskirts. SMO coin.png 100


Names in other languages[edit]

Cap Kingdom[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 帽子の国
伝統と格式のある 紳士淑女の国
Bōshi no kuni
Dentō to kakushiki no aru Shinshi shukujo no kuni
Hat Country
Country of ladies and gentlemen with formalities and traditions
Chinese 帽子国 (Simplified)
帽子國 (Traditional)
Màozǐ guó
Hat Country
Dutch Hoedenrijk
Om je pet voor af te nemen!
Hat Realm
To take your cap off to!
French Pays des Chapeaux
Patrie de traditions, de convenances et de couvre-chefs
Hats Country
Homeland of traditions, conformaties and headgear
German Hutland
Ein Land der Tradition, Eleganz und der Hüte
Hat Country
A Land of Tradition, Elegance and Hats
Italian Regno del Cappello
Terra di tradizioni, modestia e cappelli
Hat Kingdom
Land of traditions, modesty and hats
Korean 모자 왕국
Moja Wangguk
Cap Kingdom
Russian Шляпное царство
Мир традиций, хороших манер и шляп
Shlyapnoye tsarstvo
Mir traditsiy, khoroshikh maner i shlyap
Hat Kingdom
Land of tradition, good manner and hats
Spanish Reino Sombrero
Tierra de tradición, elegancia y sombrerería
Hat Kingdom
Land of tradition, elegance and headgear


Language Name Meaning
Japanese カブロン
Dentō no kenchiku yōshiki de senren sareta machi
From「かぶる」(kaburu, to put on) and possibly "London"; officially romanized as "Cubron"[4]
A town refined by traditional architectural style
Chinese 戴布伦 (Simplified)
戴布倫 (Traditional)
Dài bù lún
A portmanteau of「戴」(dài, to wear) and「布」(, cloth), and Bonneton's Japanese name
Dutch Hoedpoort
Waar hoedenmaken een hoofdzaak is
Hat Port
Where hat making is a main business
French Haut-de-Bourg
L'élégance d'une architecture très feutrée
From "haut-de-forme" (top-hat) and "-bourg" (a common suffix for villages in France)
The elegance of a very felted architecture
German Zylindrien
Eine Stadt der kultivierten Hutmacherei
From "zylinder" (top-hat)
A city of cultivated hatmaking
Italian Borgo Tuba
Dove raffinatezza e modesteria sono di casa
From "tuba" (top-hat) and "borgo" (Italian word that indicate an inhabited center of medium size)
Where refinement and modesty are at home
Korean 모런
From "모자" (moja, cap) and Bonneton's Japanese name
Russian Боннетон
Город – галантерейная мечта
Gorod – galantereynaya mechta
City – haberdashery dream
Spanish Villa Chistera
Un pueblo clásico y refinado
Top-Hat Town
A classic and refined town


  • The Cap Kingdom and Dark Side are the only kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey to contain no 8-bit segments.
  • The Cap Kingdom is the only kingdom with known residents to not have generic residents from other kingdoms visiting it at any point.