Pulse Beam

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Pulse Beam
Pulse Beam SMO.jpg
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Variant of Ring Beamer
Ball Beamer
Jump Beamer
Ring Burner

Pulse Beams[1], referred to as Cap Beamers in the game's code[2], are objects that appear in Super Mario Odyssey. They act similarly to Ring Burners and Ring Beamers in that they shoot a large ring of electricity, but unlike either of those, Pulse Beams must be activated by being hit with Cappy or enemies, such as Bullet Bills, instead of being activated when Mario is close to them. Therefore, they do not seem to be sentient. Their electric rings can destroy some blocks and clear fog in Mario's path, but will also hurt him and any enemies they touch. Additionally, the rings can cause other Pulse Beams to be activated when collided with them, which in some cases can cause an infinite loop. They cannot be destroyed by any means.


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