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Glamdozer Artwork - Super Mario Galaxy 2.png
Official artwork of Glamdozer
Species Pupdozer
Galaxy Flipsville Galaxy
Level(s) Flip-Flopping in Flipsville
World World 4
Star Given Smg2 icon powerstar.png
“According to my investigation, you must lure Glamdozer in close, then... KER-THWOMP! Know what I mean?”
Blue Toad, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Glamdozer is a boss who appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2. She is fought in the Flipsville Galaxy mission Flip-Flopping in Flipsville. Her name is a portmanteau of glamorous and Pupdozer.


Screenshot of Glamdozer
Glamdozer while angry

Glamdozer is a large, obese Pupdozer, with pink skin over the top half of her body and a yellow underbelly. Glamdozer wears a crown similar to Rosalina's, and has effeminate eyelashes, puffy cheeks, pink lips, purple claws, as well as green eyes lined with blue eyeshadow.


Glamdozer's weak spot
Glamdozer angrily spitting lava balls

To defeat Glamdozer, the player must flip to the underside of the boss area and slam her while she is sleeping with a Ground Pound through the central grate. This will get her attention. Then, the player must return to the underside of the platform and try to hit her again. If Glamdozer isn't standing over a gate, the player must stand on the nearest gate and wait until she charges toward it. She can also fire large flaming orbs that can get caught in the gates, making it impossible for the player to flip it. Glamdozer can also chase the player to the other side of the arena as well. When hit two more times, Glamdozer will get angry and will have faster attacks and more awareness. After Glamdozer is defeated, a Power Star will appear.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブットンクイーン
Button Kuīn
Pupdozer Queen
Spanish (NOA) Reina Lunarcisa Queen Lunarcisa, which may be a pun of lunar and the given name "Narcisa".
French Dame Bidosaure Lady Bidosaure, portmanteau of bide (belly, implied a little fat) and dinosaure (dinosaur)
German Fräulein Nickerchen Ms. Nap
Italian Belldozer Regina Queen Pupdozer


  • Glamdozer and King Lakitu are the only bosses in the game whose names aren't mentioned in the Star title of their mission. However, while King Lakitu's name is never revealed outside of the Prima guide, Glamdozer's name is mentioned by Blue Toad on the Starshroom floating above her arena.
  • Glamdozer is somewhat similar to the Huge Red Electrokoopa in Super Mario Sunshine. Both are larger versions of their species, both are found sleeping when they are first seen, and both are defeated in the same way. However, the Huge Red Electrokoopa is defeated immediately after Mario flips the gate it was above, while he actually has to fight Glamdozer after waking her up.
  • Glamdozer's battle theme bears a resemblance to King Kaliente's battle theme from Super Mario Galaxy.