Super Mario Galaxy 2 Enemy Danglers

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A flyer displaying all eight collectibles, including the two special ones. Mario and Bulb Yoshi are also displayed.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Enemy Danglers are Mario-themed danglers based on Super Mario Galaxy 2. There are a total of eight danglers to collect, including two rare, "special" ones. As with other collectibles, they may often be found inside capsule machines, with a random one being purchased for a small price. All eight danglers are themed after the enemies in this game. The regular danglers resemble a Goomba, Octoboo, Boo, Jack O'Goomba, Whomp and Octoguy, respectively. The rare danglers resemble a Digga and Twirlip. Both types of danglers have red strings attached, though the rare danglers also have keychains featuring the Super Mario Galaxy 2 logo. Although only one dangler may be obtained at a time, a piece of paper may be included showing all of the collectibles.

According to the poster, the merchandise is an official Nintendo product and may be a choking hazard.