Flash Black Galaxy

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Flash Black Galaxy
Flash Black Galaxy.png 
Area World 6 
How to unlock Get a Power Star from Melty Monster Galaxy, then feed the Hungry Luma on the World 6 map 1800 Star Bits 
Boss(es) None 
Comet(s) Romp Comet
Green Comet 
Level(s) Jumping Around in the Dark
Dark Octo-Army Romp
Green Star 1
Green Star 2 
Stars Smg2 icon powerstar.pngSmg2 icon prankstercomet.pngSmg2 icon greencomet.pngSmg2 icon greencomet.png 
Galaxy Icon The Starting Planet 
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Flash Black Galaxy is a galaxy appearing in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. Located in World 6, the galaxy takes place in a large mansion. However, everything is pitch black except for the occasional second of lightning, which illuminates the area. In addition, there are many gaps in the ground. Yoshi is found here and the level makes extensive use of the Blimp Fruit. Common enemies and obstacles here include Mines, Jack O'Goombas, and Flaptacks.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are unofficial.

Starting Planet[edit]

Blimp Yoshi floating in the vertical maze of the Starting Planet.
The start of the galaxy.

The starting planet is a large, dark tower containing a maze. To reach its top, Mario must use Blimp Yoshi to float upward while avoiding the Mines and the other enemies. The Launch Star is located at the top right of the tower. The Comet Medal is found on this planet as well. Enemies here include Jack O'Goombas and Paragoombas.

Maze Walkway Planet[edit]

Mario and Yoshi on the Maze Walkway Planet.

This planet is a dark maze with rings of Octoboos on it. Mario must walk carefully to avoid Flaptacks and falling off the platforms. There are five Silver Stars on this planet. This planet resembles the Dark Hopper Planet D in the Matter Splatter Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy.


Level Image Summary
Jumping Around in the Dark SMG2 Flash Black Silver Stars.png This mission's objective is to collect the Silver Stars on the Maze Walkway Planet.
Dark Octo-Army Romp SMG2 Flash Black Dark Octo Army Romp.png This mission's objective is to defeat thirty Octoombas on the Maze Walkway Planet.

Green Stars[edit]

Green Star 1[edit]

Location of the first Green Star.

This Green Star is located in the top-right corner of the tower on the first planet. Mario must either use Blimp Yoshi to reach it or sideflip then Flutter Jump with Yoshi.

Green Star 2[edit]

Location of the second Green Star.

This star is located on the Maze Planet. Mario has to make his way to the end of the planet to notice the Green Star floating below. He has to fall carefully to catch it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フラッシュブラックギャラクシー
Furasshu Burakku Gyarakushī
Flash Black Galaxy
Spanish Galaxia Ruinas y Centellas Ruins and Sparks Galaxy (a pun on the phrase "rayos y centellas", which is often said when an unusual event happens)
French (NOE) Manoir stroboscopique Stroboscopic manor
German Funzelblitz-Galaxie Dim Lightning Galaxy
Italian Galassia Bagliore Improvviso Sudden Glow Galaxy
Chinese 陰暗閃光銀河 dim flash light galaxy


The building in the background
  • The galaxy's name "Flash Black" is a pun on "flashback" and "black", since most of the time the galaxy is black to the point where it is invisible to the eye until it flashes like a camera.
  • If the players go to the Maze Planet in any of the missions and look at the back of the maze, they will see a large, hollow, well-lit structure.
  • The exterior design of the starting planet resembles the Ghostly Galaxy of the first game.
  • The player can use the Infinite Flutter Jump glitch to land on the roof of the Mansion Planet in this galaxy.