The Magnificent Magma Sea

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The Magnificent Magma Sea
SMG2 Melty Monster Magnificent Magma Sea.png
Location Melty Monster Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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The Magnificent Magma Sea is the first mission of the Melty Monster Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


Mario approaching the Magma Sea Planet in the Melty Monster Galaxy
The titular planet.

To complete this mission, Mario must first use the Pull Stars on the first planet to get past the Lava Planets and reach the Launch Star. When used, he lands on the Volcano Planet. Here, Mario must make his way to the vine at the top of the volcano by using the tornadoes. Then, he has to swing on the vine to reach the Launch Star. When Mario lands on the next planet, he has to traverse the asteroids and avoid the Magmaws to get to the crystal trapping the Power Star. Once he reaches the crystal, Mario must break it to grab the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 溶岩惑星のスター
Yōgan Wakusei no Sutā
Star of the Lava Planet

Chinese 熔岩行星之星
Róngyán Xíngxīng zhī Xīng
Star of the Lava Planet

French L'étoile des mers ardentes
The star of the blazing seas
German Das mirakulöse Magma-Meer
The miraculous magma sea
Italian Onde su un Mare di Magma
Waves on a Magma Sea
Korean 용암 행성의 스타
Yongam Haengseong-ui Seuta
Star at Volcano Planet

Spanish El majestuoso mar de magma
The majestic magma sea