Honeybloom Galaxy

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Honeybloom Galaxy
Area World 2
How to unlock Get a Power Star from either Boulder Bowl Galaxy or Hightail Falls Galaxy, then feed the Hungry Luma on the World 2 map 700 Star Bits.
Comet(s) Green Comet
Mission(s) Bumble Beginnings
The Secret Wall Jump
Green Star 1
Green Star 2
Stars Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2.Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2.Cosmic Jewel icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.Cosmic Jewel icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Galaxy icon Flower Highland Planet A
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“We came here in search of a Power Star for our queen!”
Honeybee, Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Honeybloom Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2 that can be unlocked after feeding the Hungry Luma 700 Star Bits. This galaxy introduces the Bee Mushroom, which can turn Mario into Bee Mario, allowing him to fly for a short period of time. Most of level takes place on one large cube-shaped planet with a side-scrolling view. The stage is filled with several obstacles, including Spindleburrs which Bee Mario has to dodge. There are also small plants that will grant Mario one Star Bit when touched. Mario enters this galaxy sliding along a long vine with the small plants, collecting more Star Bits on the way. Because the level is filled with tight spots and high areas, Mario will have to try to stay as Bee Mario for most of the level.

This galaxy, with the Honeyhop Galaxy, plays a jazzy remixed tune of the Honeyhive Galaxy / Gold Leaf Galaxy theme.


Flower Highland Planet[edit]

Most of the level takes place in sidescrolling segments on the sides of this big, cube-shaped, sidescroller planet.

Flower Highland Planet A[edit]

Mario approaching Flower Highland Planet A
Mario on the Starting Planet

Flower Highland Planet A[1] is the first section of the planet. There are various walls that the player needs to wall jump across. There is a secret Power Star at the top of this area in which the player needs to use the swing then wall jump to reach the top. The only enemies here are Goombas. There is a Bee Mushroom at the end of this area which the player will need to get through the next area.

Flower Highland Planet B[edit]

The Flower Highland Planet B[1] is the second section of this planet. The player will need to go across various clouds and flower platforms as Bee Mario. There are a few Choppahs near the end of the area. A Comet Medal is found in a small gap next to a Choppah that the player must avoid. A Sproutle Vine will take the player to the next area.

Flower Highland Planet C[edit]

Flower Higland Planet C[1] is the third section of this planet. This area contains many grape balls the player is needed to bounce across. The only enemies here are Choppahs and some Fuzzies. The player will need to climb the poles and use a couple of swings to reach the last area.

Flower Highland Planet D[edit]

Bee Mario on Flower Highland Planet D

Flower Higland Planet D[1] is the final section of this planet. It is a linear sidescrolling planet that is mostly made of giant logs and colorful wood pieces. This planet contains many Spindleburrs, Trapdragons and a single Choppah that Bee Mario must dodge. At the end of this planet are some horizontal moving clouds the player must fly and jump on to reach the Power Star.



Level Image Summary
Bumble Beginnings
Bee Mario in Honeybloom Galaxy near several Spindleburrs and a Trapdragon.
This mission's objective is to traverse the side-scrolling segments of the Starting Planet and Log Wood Planet to reach the Power Star.
The Secret Wall Jump
SMG2 Honeybloom Galaxy Secret Wall Jump.png
This mission's objective is to find the hidden Power Star at the top of the Starting Planet, reached by a wall-jump segment.

Green Stars[edit]

Green Star 1[edit]

Mario under the first Green Star.

To get this star, the player has to go through the first mission. The Green Star is above a flying Choppah near the end of the bouncing fruit area.

Planets Visited

Green Star 2[edit]

Mario about to get the second Green Star.

Green Star 2 is above the vine after the two swings. To reach the star, one may use the second swing and jump to the left and fly to the top of the edge using the Bee Mushroom, and from there, jump to the right and fly to the star.

Planets Visited


Audio.svg Honeybloom Galaxy - Honeybloom Galaxy soundtrack, a remix of the music from Honeyhive Galaxy and Gold Leaf Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy, and shared with Honeyhop Galaxy.
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Prima Official Game Guide description[edit]

  • "The Honeybloom Galaxy is the first place you find the Bee Mushroom, which gives you the power of flight. Buzzing is limited, but with Bee Mario, you can flutter to great heights and reach the Power Star high above this lush, flowery galaxy."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フラワーへブンギャラクシー
Furawā Hebun Gyarakushī
Flower Heaven Galaxy
Chinese 百花天堂銀河
Bǎihuā Tiāntáng Yínhé
Flowers Heaven Galaxy
French (NOA) Galaxie du printemps éternel Eternal spring Galaxy
French (NOE) Printemps éternel Eternal spring
German Honigblüten-Galaxie Honeybloom Galaxy
Italian Galassia Eden Alveare Eden Hive Galaxy
Spanish Galaxia Floriflor Floweryflower Galaxy


  • The Honeybloom and Fleet Glide Galaxies are the only Hungry Luma galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy 2 that have no Prankster Comet, except the Green Comet. The Honeybloom also has the distinction of being the only Hungry Luma galaxy with a secret star, as the Fleet Glide's would-be secret star is replaced with a Jibberjay invitation.


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