Wicked Wall Jumps

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Wicked Wall Jumps
SMG2 Flip Out Wicked Wall Jumps.png
Location Flip-Out Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Wicked Wall Jumps is the first mission of the Flip-Out Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


Mario begins on a small starting planet providing a tutorial for this level’s gimmick, allowing him to practice spinning to switch out the red and blue walls. Here, Mario encounters two Star Bunnies who inform him of this concept. Mario must simply make it past the walls here and enter the Warp Pipe to move on - however, with added movement, he may get on top of the walls to find a 1-Up Mushroom.

When Mario reaches the next planet, he must make it upward, using the blocks while adding in Wall Jumps and spins. After the Checkpoint Flag, Mario must make it past spikes which pop in and out at intervals, without Mario’s interference. Turning at the corner, Mario must again make it past the wall, though there are now several small layers of spikes. The first three pop out together, as do the next three, but the last three pop out one at a time. Over the left block gate is a Comet Medal. After making it past the spike section, Mario must turn and Long Jump toward the block gate on the right, spinning before making it on to ensure he does make it and push the blocks out the wall. He must then perform a complete Long Jump to the other gate and collect the Comet Medal.

Now that Mario has completed the spike section, he must simply Wall Jump off a few more blocks, spinning when needed, to make it up to the final platform. Mario must break the crystal sealing the Power Star and collect it to complete the level.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 凸凹パニック!スピン!スピン!
Dekoboko panikku! Supin! Supin!
Uneven panic! Spin and spin!
Chinese 凹凸脫序! 連續旋轉!
Āotū Tuōxù! Liánxù Xuánzhuǎn!
Uneven Chaos! Spin Constantly!
French Saut mural phénoménal Phenomenal wall jump
German Wo ist der Boden? Schüttelpanik! Where is the ground? Shaking panic!
Italian Terrore per i dislivelli Terror for the difference in height
Spanish ¡Unos giros de vértigo! Some breakneck spins!