Cosmic Clones in the Chompworks

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Cosmic Clones in the Chompworks
SMG2 Chompworks Cosmic Clones in the Chompworks.png
Location Chompworks Galaxy
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Cosmic Clones in the Chompworks is the third mission of the Chompworks Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This mission can only be played if the Comet Medal was collected during the first mission and while a Prankster Comet is in orbit.


The Clone Comet must be in orbit in order to select this mission. The player starts on the Lava Chomp Planet for this mission. The objective is the same as the first mission, except there are Cosmic Clones following the player the entire time, and some Goombeetles are not present. Mario or Luigi has to guide the Gold Chomp carefully to the hole without crossing these enemies. If this is done, he is awarded with a Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴールドワンワン リターンズ
Gōrudo Wanwan ritānzu
Gold Chain Chomp Returns

Chinese 黃金汪汪再臨
Huángjīn Wāngwāng Zàilín
Gold Chain Chomp Comes Again

French Chaos dans l'usine Chomp
Chaos in the Chompworks
German Schattenmarios in der Goldhundschmiede
Shadow Marios in the Gold Chomps' forge
Italian Ombre Scure nella fabbrica
Dark Shadows in the factory
Spanish Sombras siniestras en la fundición
Sinister shadows in the foundry