Make Mario a Star

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Make Mario a Star
Make Mario a Star.png
Location Mario Squared Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Make Mario a Star is the first mission of the Mario Squared Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


To complete this mission, the player has to activate all of the Flipswitch Panels found on the 8-Bit Mario Planet Half to make a complete 8-Bit Mario. The player must avoid Li'l Cinders and the lava while doing so. After all the Flipswitch Panels are yellow, a Power Star appears on the platform where the player first landed. The Comet Medal can be found on the far left on this Planet.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 黄色く染まれ! マリオ ・ オン ・ マリオ
Kīroku Somare! Mario On Mario
黄色く染まれ! ルイージ ・ オン ・ マリオ
Kīroku Somare! Ruīji On Mario
Color it Yellow! Mario on Mario

Color it Yellow! Luigi on Mario
Chinese 染黃大地! 瑪利歐.ON.瑪利歐
Rǎnhuáng Dàdì! Mǎlìōu ON Mǎlìōu
染黃大地! 路易吉.ON.瑪利歐
Rǎnhuáng Dàdì! Lùyìjí ON Mǎlìōu
Paint the Ground Yellow! Mario on Mario

Paint the Ground Yellow! Luigi on Mario
French (NOE) Mario, une étoile au firmament Mario, a star in the sky
German Klitzekleines Klempnerproblem Tiny plumber problem
Italian Mario diventa una Stella Mario become a Star
Korean 노랗게 물들여라! 마리오 온 마리오
Norayke Muldleyera! Mario on Mario
노랗게 물들여라! 루이지 온 마리오
Norayke Muldleyera! Luigi on Mario
Make all yellow! Mario on Mario

Make all yellow! Luigi on Mario
Spanish La estrella de Mario Mario's star


  • In the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean versions, when Luigi is selected as a playable character, the name of the mission changes from "Mario On Mario" to "Luigi On Mario".