Throwback Throwdown

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Throwback Throwdown
SMG2 Boss Blitz Throwback Throwdown.png
Location Boss Blitz Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
Boss(es) Dino Piranha, King Kaliente, Major Burrows, Bouldergeist, Fiery Dino Piranha
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Throwback Throwdown is the first mission of the Boss Blitz Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. The mission's objective is to defeat five bosses from the first Super Mario Galaxy.


Dino Piranha is finally defeated.
Dino Piranha after being defeated

The player will immediately begin by landing on Dino Piranha's egg, cracking it and starting the battle. By spinning into Dino Piranha's tail, it will sling back at the egg shell, cracking it open completely, causing Dino Piranha to get mad and start chasing the player. Hitting its tail three more times will defeat Dino Piranha and cause a Launch Star to appear.

King Kaliente fires three fireballs
King Kaliente
Mario collecting the Comet Medal in the Boss Blitz Galaxy.
The comet medal under King Kaliente's planet

King Kaliente will appear once the player lands on his planet. King Kaliente will fire either three fireballs or a coconut, the later of which the player needs to spin into to send it back and damage him. The second time, King Kaliente will volley it back to the player, who must return it to damage him. After attacking him a second time, King Kaliente will send out blue Lava Bubbles. The third coconut must be volleyed back twice in order to defeat King Kaliente and defeat him and cause a Launch Star to appear.

Major Burrows defeated again
Major Burrows after being defeated

The next boss is Major Burrows, who spends most of the battle underground. When it pops its head out of the ground, the player needs to Ground Pound near Major Burrows to surface him completely, then spin into him. Major Burrows will now begin chasing the player, who needs to wait until Major Burrows pops out of the ground to Ground Pound, and then spin into Major Burrows as it attempts to flee. Major Burrows will then get angry and begin chasing the player at a faster speed, and the player will have to Ground Pound near him twice before they can attack it, with Major Burrows attempting to claw at the player after being knocked out of the ground the first time. Damaging Major Burrows again will defeat him and cause the Launch Star to appear.

Bouldergeist in Throwback Throwdown
Bouldergeist attacking Mario

The player will land on Bouldergeist's planet, though the battle will not start until the player enters the arena. Bouldergeist will begin by firing various colored stones: grey, black, and gold. All of which will deal damage to the player if they connect, though the black ones will turn into Bomb Boos and the gold ones will turn into a Coin. Spinning near a Bomb Boo will cause the player character to grab it and start swinging it, and the player needs to connect the Bomb Boo with Bouldergeist to damage it. Bouldergeist will then call up a row of spires to try and block the player's movements, though they can be destroyed by spinning into them. Damaging Bouldergeist two more times will crack its stone shell and reveal its actual form, which will start fleeing and calling up Bomb Boos. Damaging its red core with a Bomb Boo will cause Bouldergeist to reform its shell, as well as create two giant stone hands that Bouldergeist will now use to attack, though they can be destroyed by spinning a Bomb Boo into them twice, though they will reform after a certain length of time. Additionally, it will now call up more rocks to fire at the player and will create two rows of stone spires instead of one. Cracking its shell and damaging its red core once more will defeat it and the Launch Star will appear.

Next, they will land on a small meteor planet containing the Launch Star to Fiery Dino Piranha's planet, the final one in the galaxy.

The final boss of the galaxy is Fiery Dino Piranha, who behaves much the same way as Dino Piranha, with the main difference being it is on fire. Fiery Dino Piranha's tail will flicker between lit and cooled down, and the player can only spin into the tail when it is cooled down. Fiery Dino Piranha will also leave a trail of flames as it moves around. After damaging it a second time, Fiery Dino Piranha will begin shooting fireballs. Using the same method as with Dino Piranha, the player can defeat Fiery Dino Piranha and earn the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 勝ち抜け! ギャラクシーの強者達!
Kachinuke! Gyarakushī no Tsuwamono-tachi!
Win against 'em all! Tough guys of Galaxies!
Chinese 銀河霸王戰!
Yínhé Bàwáng Zhàn!
Galactic Overlord Showdown!
French (NOE) Le défilé des boss The parade of the bosses
German Hol dir den Titel! Galaxien-Meister Get the title! Galaxies Master
Italian Campione delle Galassie Galaxy Champion
Spanish ¡¿Otra vez por aquí?! Here again?!