Silver Stars in Hightail Falls

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Silver Stars in Hightail Falls
SMG2 Hightail Falls Silver Stars in Hightail Falls.png
Location Hightail Falls Galaxy
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Silver Stars in Hightail Falls is the hidden third mission of the Hightail Falls Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It can be accessed in Hot-Stepping Dash Pepper and requires the player to feed a Hungry Luma.


The player repeats the Hot-Stepping Dash Pepper mission. However, they must collect thirty Coins to feed to the Hungry Luma located at the base of the Left Turn Slope Planet. After feeding the Hungry Luma the correct amount of Coins, it transforms into the Kleptoad Planet. On this planet, the player needs to collect five Silver Stars from multiple Kleptoads. Once the player has collected all five Silver Stars, the stars transform into the mission's Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シルバースターで おいかけっこ
Shirubā Sutā de Oikakekko
Play Tag via Silver Stars

Chinese 追逐銀星星
Zhuīzhú Yín Xīngxing
Chase the Silver Stars

French (NOA) Ruée vers les étoiles d'argent
Rushing Towards the Silver Stars
French (NOE) La ruée vers les étoiles d'argent
The Rush towards the Silver Stars
German Silbersterne am Riesenwasserfall
Silver Stars at the Giant Waterfalls
Italian Stelle Argento fra le Cascate
Silver Stars Among the Waterfalls
Spanish Estrellas de plata en las Cataratas Lejanas
Silver Stars in the Hightail Falls