Every Planet Has Its Price

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Every Planet Has Its Price
SMG2 Fluffy Buff Every Planet Has Its Price.png
Location Fluffy Bluff Galaxy
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Every Planet Has Its Price is the hidden third mission of the Fluffy Bluff Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This mission takes place during the Search for the Toad Brigade Captain mission and requires feeding a Hungry Luma. Its name is based on the phrase "every man has a price" which means that everyone is open to bribery if the inducement offered is large enough.


On the Cloud Across Valley Planet, the player has to use a Cloud Flower to climb to the top of the large tree directly ahead of where the player began. Using a Sling Star to reach a cloud above, the player will find a Hungry Luma who asks to be fed 100 Coins. The ? Coin directly across from the Luma and the ? Coin found in a Warp Pipe below the tree, as well as the Tip Network by the Checkpoint Flag, should provide the necessary number of coins the Luma requests. Once the Luma's had its fill, it will transform into a new planet and a Pink Launch Star will appear to send the player to the Cloud Valley Tower Planet. The Cloud Tower Planet is a series of platforms along the side of a tall tower. By using the Cloud Flower power-up and riding the moving platforms, the player can reach the Power Star at the top.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 天までとどけ 三角タワー
Ten made Todoke Sankaku Tawā
Reach 'till the Sky, Triangle Tower
Chinese 直達天際 三角塔
Zhídá Tiānjì Sānjiǎo Tǎ
Up 'till the Sky, Triangle Tower
French Une pyramide vers les étoiles A pyramid toward the stars
German Dreieckiger Turm in luftiger Höhe Triangular Tower in a dizzy height
Italian Torre a punta Pointed tower
Spanish La estrella tenía un precio This star had a price