Catch That Star Bunny

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Catch That Star Bunny
SMG2 Cosmic Cove Frozen Holey Planet.png
Location Cosmic Cove Galaxy
Mission # 3 (secret)
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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“Can you catch me? Boyoing!”
Star Bunny, Cosmic Cove Galaxy

Catch That Star Bunny is the secret third mission in the Cosmic Cove Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


To access the secret star, players need to select the Twin Falls Hideaway mission once again. However, this time, they should focus on getting 15 coins. Once they do, they should go to the Cosmic Cove area where the Hungry Luma is. After it is fed 15 coins, it transforms into the Skate Hole Planet. On this planet, the player needs to catch a Star Bunny while avoiding the Skeeters and the holes in the planet. After catching the rabbit, they are awarded with a Power Star.

Planets visited[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いたずらウサギを捕まえて
Itazura Usagi o Tsukamaete
Catch that Naughty Rabbit
Chinese 追捕頑皮星星兔
Zhuībǔ Wánpí Xīngxīng Tù
Catch the Naughty Star Rabbit
French A la poursuite du lapin stellaire In pursuit of the Star Bunny
German Fang den Sternenhasen! Catch the Star Bunny!
Italian Caccia al Coniglio dispettoso Catch the spiteful Bunny
Spanish ¡Atrapa al conejo estelar! Catch the Star Bunny!