To the Top of Topman's Tower

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To the Top of Topman's Tower
SMG2 Space Storm To the Top of Topmans Tower.png
Location Space Storm Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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To the Top of Topman's Tower is the second mission of the Space Storm Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


The player again starts on the large glass spheres with Pull Stars in them, though this time the Amps are moving faster. Ground Pounding the Blue Switch will slow down the Amps, which serves as a hint of what is coming next. Using the Launch Star above, the player can reach the Topman's Tower. Here, all the obstacles are moving quickly, though the player can slow them down by Ground Pounding the Blue Switches. To open the gates, the player needs to activate nearby Lever Switches. In the area with the Amps, the player has to use a Jump Beamer as a spring to reach a Sling Star, then the player has to slow down time to get past the fast-moving Thwomps. To get up a high ledge afterward, the player has to use a Spring Topman, then slow down time to jump up the fast-moving platforms while avoiding the Amps. Once the player reaches the top of the tower, two Spiky Topmen will appear, and defeating them by knocking them into the Electric Fence will create a Spring Topman for the player to use to collect the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゆっくり行こうみずたま要塞
Yukkuri ikou mizutama yōsai
Let's go slowly, Buoy Base
Spanish (NOE) A dos velocidades en la torre At two gears on the tower
French La tour du Tournautour The tower of Turnaround
German Eile mit Weile: Zum Dache der Festung Haste makes waste! To the Tower's roof!
Chinese 水球要塞、減速前進 water ball tower, speed down to go