Climbing the Cloudy Tower

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“Let's do this!”
Pianta, Starshine Beach Galaxy
Climbing the Cloudy Tower
SMG2 Starshine Beach Climbing the Cloudy Tower.png
Location Starshine Beach Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Climbing the Cloudy Tower is the second mission of the Starshine Beach Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


This mission requires use of both the Cloud Flower and leaf raft. Mario or Luigi will land on the Starting Planet. He must walk over to the large half hidden tower on the other side of the Starshine Beach Planet. There, he must take the underwater entrance and proceed to navigate through the interior of the tower. There will be a launch star that will fling the player onto the top of the tower to hit a switch that will make a Cloud Flower appear. Mario or Luigi must then jump down and grab the flower, and then Long Jump across to the leaf raft nearby. The player must guide the leaf raft to the Cloudy Tower and jump up to the top using Cloud Flowers, where the Power Star is located. This star can be obtained without using the leaf raft, but it is more difficult.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 雲の塔を 登ってみれば
Kumo no Tō o Nobotte Mireba
If you try climbing the Cloud Tower...
Chinese 攀登雲塔
Pāndēng Yún Tǎ
Climbing the Cloud Tower
French L'escalade de la tour des nuages The climbing of the clouds tower
German Rauf auf den Wolkenturm Onto the Cloud Tower
Italian Scalando la Torre Nuvola Climbing the Cloud Tower
Spanish ¡Sube a la torre de las nubes! Go up to the clouds tower!