The Perfect Run

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The Perfect Run
SMG2 Grandmaster Gate Planet.png
Location Grandmaster Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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The Perfect Run is the second mission of the Grandmaster Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2, and is subsequently the final mission of the game. This mission can only be played after two conditions have been met: the player needs to have collected the Comet Medal from the previous mission and the player needs to have 9,999 Star Bits stored with the Banktoad. Completing both conditions will cause the Prankster Comet to appear, allowing the player to play the mission. Music from Super Mario Galaxy also plays during this mission, including the themes of Gusty Garden Galaxy, Good Egg Galaxy, Bowser's Galaxy Reactor, and the Comet Observatory.


This mission layout is mostly identical to that of The Ultimate Test. However, the player has to do the mission with only one hit point and with no Checkpoint Flags, meaning the player starts at the very beginning of the mission if they take damage. The planets and areas mostly remain the same, with the only major differences being Choppahs and additional Space Mines added to the first area. If the player manages to defeat the Boomerang Bros. at the end, a Launch Star will appear that will send the player to the final area, where the player will meet with Rosalina, who rewards them with the final Power Star. Afterwards, Rosalina can be found on Starship Mario. Mario will always complete the mission as Cloud Mario, as the form is required to complete one section of the mission and cannot be removed afterwards (as this requires taking damage or touching water, of which there is none).


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マスター オブ ギャラクシー
Masutā Obu Gyarakushī
Master of Galaxy
Chinese 銀河之王
Yínhé zhī Wáng
King of Galaxies
French (NOE) Le champion de l'univers: une seule chance The champion of the universe: only one chance
German Großmeister der Galaxien Grandmaster of the galaxies
Italian Maestro delle Galassie Master of the Galaxies
Spanish La prueba perfecta The perfect test