The Chimp's Skating Challenge

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The Chimp's Skating Challenge
SMG2 Freezy Flake Chimps Skating Challenge.png
Location Freezy Flake Galaxy
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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The Chimp's Skating Challenge is the hidden third mission of the Freezy Flake Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This mission takes place in either previous mission.


The player must first make their way to the next planet and destroy one of the trees near the small frozen pond. If playing on the first mission, the player needs to burn the tree by using a Fire Flower. If playing on the second mission, the player needs to use a Rock Mushroom to ram into the tree. The tree will reveal a Warp Pipe which will take the player to a skating rink hosted by The Chimp. Talking to The Chimp will have him challenge the player to skate into the Gummits that pop out, but to avoid the spiked ones. Green Gummits are worth 10 points, whereas Gold Gummits are worth 50. The Gummits will remain above ground for a few seconds before burrowing back down. If the player can beat The Chimp's high score of 500 within a 30 second time limit, he will reward the player with the Power Star. The player does not lose a life if they fail the challenge, unlike most of the Chimp's missions.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese つぎつぎ モグポン けとばして
Tsugitsugi Mogupon ketobashite
Kick away Gummits one after another
Chinese 接二連三 土撥踢踢
Jiē'èrliánsān Tǔbō Tītī
One after Another, Gummit Kicking
French Les Pataverts aux sports d'hiver The Gummits at the winter sports
German Schlingersause mit dem Wanderaffen Lurching Dash with The Chimp
Italian Sfida di Pattinaggio [Ice] Skating Challenge
Korean 두더통을 계속 통통 차라
Dudeotong eul gyesok tongtong chara
Kick Gummits Constantly
Spanish ¡A patadones con los inflones! Kick Gummits!