Head in the Clouds (mission)

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Head in the Clouds
SMG2 Cloudy Court Head in the Clouds.png
Location Cloudy Court Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Head in the Clouds is the first mission of the Cloudy Court Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. The name is an idiom meaning "being oblivious" and also refers to the player having to use the Cloud Flower power-up to get around the galaxy.


The player starts in a small garden and must use a Cloud Flower in order to create and land on clouds ahead to continue. At the end of the platforms is a wind current the player can ride if they create a cloud within it. Using a cloud to ride to a farther platform, the player can use large drums that act like springboards to reach a large set of cymbals, and using the Launch Star over the cymbals will send the player to the next set of planets.

Using an updraft, the player has to ride a cloud upward while avoiding getting pushed by floating blocks. Then the player can use springboards to reach an upper platform, followed by riding another air current to reach a Launch Star. On the next set of planets, the player must complete a two-dimensional segment where they have to ride several air currents and avoid prickly plants. At one point, two walls close on each other as the player uses an updraft to move past them, crushing the player if they do not make it through in time. The Power Star is located above the windmill at the top.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ながれる風に 雲のせて
Nagareru Kaze ni Kumo Nosete
Ride the Clouds along the Flowing Wind

Chinese 隨風而去 乘上雲朵
Suí Fēng ér Qù Chéngshàng Yúnduǒ
Go along the Wind, Ride the Clouds

French (NOA) La tête dans les nuages
Head in the Clouds
French (NOE) Nuages au vent
Clouds in the wind
German Wie eine Wolke im Wind
Like a cloud in the wind
Italian Testa fra le nuvole
Head in the clouds
Spanish ¡Nubes al viento!
Clouds in the wind!