The Chimp's Ultimate Skating Challenge

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The Chimp's Ultimate Skating Challenge
Ultimate Skating Challenge.png
Location Shiverburn Galaxy
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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The Chimp's Ultimate Skating Challenge is the hidden third mission of the Shiverburn Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


On the starting planet, the player needs to make their way to the Launch Star, but not use it. Behind the Launch Star is a Warp Pipe that will take the player to an Muimui Attack Planet where they will find The Chimp. The Chimp will challenge the player to beat his score of 600 points within 40 seconds. Green Gummits are worth 10 points, Gold Gummits are worth 50, and Spiky Gummits will slow the player down. If the player manages to get over 600 points within the time limit, The Chimp will reward the player with a Power Star. If not, the player can leave through the Warp Pipe and reenter to try again.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モグポン どんどん けとばして
Mogupon Dondon Ketobashite
Kickin' away more and more Gummits
Chinese 土撥踢踢 勇往直前
Tǔbō Tītī Yǒngwǎngzhíqián
Kicking Gummits, Keep going Forward
French Les Pataverts dans la chambre froide The Gummits in the cold room
German Die brisante Bui-Bataille The risky Gummit battle
Italian Ultima sfida di pattinaggio Last skating challenge
Spanish ¡A más inflones, más patadones! With more Gummits, more kicks!