Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy

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Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy
Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy.png
Area World 3
How to unlock Get a Power Star from Freezy Flake Galaxy
Comet(s) Speedy Comet
Green Comet
Mission(s) Silver Chomp Grudge Match
Masterpiece Speed Run
Green Star 1
Green Star 2
Stars Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2.Prankster Comet icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.Cosmic Jewel icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.Cosmic Jewel icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Galaxy icon The Tamakoro Pole Planet with a Star Ball on the top
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Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy is a galaxy appearing in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. The galaxy completely revolves around the use of a Star Ball which Mario must ride on. Grinders will cut out pieces of the stage as time passes by and Goombas may be a nuisance. Bob-ombs also appear as enemies here, which can be both beneficial or detrimental to the player, depending on the situation. The galaxy's theme revolves around art and school supplies such as rulers and paintbrushes, used as platforms or obstacles. This galaxy is the first appearance of the Star Ball in this game.


Tamakoro Planet Start Planet[edit]

Mario on the Starting Planet in the Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy
Mario on the Start Planet.

The Tamakoro Planet Start Planet[1] is a grass field with some flowers. It has a Star Ball and a board named Bill Board whom tells the player how to control the Star Ball on their first visit. The only thing of importance on this planet is the hole that launches the player to the next planet. It is a reference to a planet seen in Rolling Green Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy.

Tamakoro Pole Planet[edit]

Mario on the Paintbrush Planet in the Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy
Mario on the Tamakoro Pole Planet.
Mario in the Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy
The gate being unlocked on the Tamakoro Pole Planet.

The Tamakoro Pole Planet[1] is a giant multicolored wooden ball with numerous paintbrushes protruding from the ground. The planet is split up into four sections with four distinct colors: red, yellow, blue, and green. The hole is always located on the red section, but is blocked and needs a key to open it. During the Silver Chomp Grudge Match mission, the key is located in the green section. However, during the Masterpiece Speed Run mission, the key is found in the blue section. The only enemies located here are Goombas. If Mario spins the cursor over the planet, he will get a lot of Star Bits.

Tamakoro Flip Panel Planet[edit]

The Tamakoro Flip Panel Planet[1] is a lengthy platforming section on top of a bottomless pit, formed by several unconnected structures.

Mario first lands in the center of a circular, flower-shaped painting palette where the Checkpoint Flag is found. The paint in each well around the platform is a solid block of color. To the north of the palette, Mario will find Assembly Blocks that connect it to an elevator with a few Goombas. Towards the left side of the Assembly Blocks, there is a 1-Up Mushroom.

Once Mario rolls onto the elevator, it moves upward along an iron grid wall. Atop this wall, the player will encounter six Flipswitch Panels in a triangular formation. Activating them all creates a bridge (a giant ruler) to the last stretch of the planet, five giant rolls of colored tape in a stack. The hole in the middle of the top one is a Star Ball launcher, which will take the player to either the Tamakoro Garigari Cylinder Planet or the Tamakoro Hole Bomb Hei Planet, depending on which mission the player is currently in.

Mario in the Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy
The palette
Mario on the Space Junk in the Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy
The Assembly Blocks and the elevator
Mario on the Flipswitch Planet in the Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy
The Flipswitch Panels
Mario in the Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy
The tape stack

Tamakoro Garigari Cylinder Planet[edit]

Mario on the wooden planet of Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2
Mario on the Tamakoro Garigari Cylinder Planet.

The Tamakoro Garigari Cylinder Planet[1] is a long, curved plank of wood with holes and few guardrails. Like in Puzzle Plank Galaxy, Grinders will cut the wooden platforms as time progresses. Goombas and Bob-ombs are encountered here, as well as the Comet Medal. This planet ends with ruler bridge (identical to the one in the previous planet) that leads Mario to the Homing Chomp.

Tamakoro Hole Bomb Hei Planet[edit]

Mario on the Green Holes Planet.

The Tamakoro Hole Bomb Hei Planet[1] is only visited during the Masterpiece Speed Run mission, replacing the Tamakoro Garigari Cylinder Planet. It is a long, flat, green planet with many holes in it. The only enemies here are Bob-ombs. The player will be blasted to the Tamakoro Vs Search Wanwan Planet at the end. It is based on a planet in Rolling Green Galaxy from the first game.

Tamakoro Vs Search Wanwan Planet[edit]

Mario on the Tamakoro Vs Search Wanwan Planet.
Mario in the Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy
Mario on the path to the final platform.

The Tamakoro Vs Search Wanwan Planet[1] is where the player fights the Homing Chomp. Four cylinders on the corners of the square arena protrude from the ground, which makes knocking the Homing Chomp more difficult. Once the Chomp is defeated, a third ruler bridge will be revealed, taking Mario to the end of the mission.

This last area is six giant colored pencils pointed down. The middle one holds the Star Ball goal, which releases the Power Star. Mario must then climb the pole nearby to grab it.



Level Image Summary
Silver Chomp Grudge Match Silver Chomp Match.png This mission's objective is to knock off the Homing Chomp.
Masterpiece Speed Run SMG2 Rolling Masterpiece Green Holes Planet Speedrun.png This mission's objective is to complete the previous mission in a time limit.

Green Stars[edit]

Green Star 1[edit]

Luigi near the first Green Star.

The player will redo the Silver Chomp Grudge Match mission. However, when they get to the elevator, they should move all the way to the left side. When the elevator starts to move up, there will be a line of Star Bits. At the end is the Green Star.

Planets Visited

Green Star 2[edit]

Luigi near the second Green Star.

The player will redo the Silver Chomp Grudge Match mission. The Green Star is located on Homing Chomp's arena in the Tamakoro Garigari Cylinder Planet, at the top left corner and close to the edge. While the player can grab it while rolling the Star Ball, they may instead choose to defeat the Homing Chomp and release the Power Star before coming back to this one, performing a somersault followed by a spin to achieve the necessary height.

Planets Visited

Prima Official Game Guide description[edit]

  • "When you land in this artful galaxy, you are immediately given the Power Star. But it's locked inside a sphere. You must race to the finish line to unlock the Power Star."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タマコロプラネットギャラクシー
Tamakoro Puranetto Gyarakushī
Star Ball Planet Galaxy
Chinese 滾球行星銀河
Gǔnqiú Xíngxīng Yínhé
Rolling Ball Planet Galaxy
French (NOA) Galaxie de l'Atelier maboule Crazy Studio Galaxy (pun on maboule (crazy) and boule (ball))
French (NOE) Atelier maboule Crazy studio (pun on maboule (crazy) and boule (ball))
German Kullerkunst-Galaxie From kullern (to roll around) and kunst (art).
Italian Galassia Bellatonda Goodround Galaxy
Korean 스타볼 플래닛 갤럭시
Seutabol Peullaenit Gaelleoksi
Star Ball Planet Galaxy
Spanish Galaxia Arte Rodante Rolling Art Galaxy


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