Where the Chomps Are Made of Gold

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Where the Chomps Are Made of Gold
SMG2 Chompworks Where Chomps Are Made of Gold.png
Location Chompworks Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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“I'm here to make sure no one enters this area!”
Gearmo, Chompworks Galaxy

Where the Chomps Are Made of Gold is the first mission of the Chompworks Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


The mission starts off with the player arriving on the Starting Planet. From there, they have to lower the platform at the top of the area where the Chomps are rolling. This allows the Chomps to roll down the provided chute and into the hole in the ground, revealing a Launch Star. The Launch Star sends the player to the Rolling Chomps Planet. On this planet, the player should simply avoid the large Chomp and the Small Chomps. The Launch Star is located on one of the cube-shaped platforms. After arriving on the Flipping Platforms Planet, the player should get to the other side and hit the lever, allowing the Chomps to roll through the generator. The player needs to flip the platforms and tilt the seesaws so the Chomp can roll on into the hole and reveal another Launch Star. Finally, at the Lava Chomp Planet, the player should approach the area where the Gold Chomps are spawning. While avoiding the enemies and using timed movements, the player needs to help the Chomp get to the other side of the planet. When the Chomp enters the hole, it releases a Power Star for the player.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴールドワンワンのうまれるところ
Gōrudo Wanwan no umareru tokoro
The place where Gold Chain Chomps are born
Chinese 黃金汪汪出生地
Huángjīn Wāngwāng Chūshēngdì
The place where Gold Chain Chomps are born
French La fabrication des Chomps dorés The making of the golden Chomps
German Die Heimat der goldenen Kettenhunde The Golden Chomps' homeland
Italian Fabbrica di Categnacci d'oro Factory of golden Chomps
Spanish El guía de la fundición The guide of the foundry