Octo-Army Icy Rainbow Romp

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Octo-Army Icy Rainbow Romp
Icy Rainbow Romp.png
Location Shiverburn Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Octo-Army Icy Rainbow Romp is the second mission of the Shiverburn Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This mission can first be played if the player collected the Comet Medal in the previous mission and while a Prankster Comet is in orbit.


The player begins on a Starshroom and is given fifty seconds on the clock. The player has to use a Launch Star to reach the ice rink below and must use a Rainbow Star to defeat all thirty of the Octoombas and Octoguys, which can only be accomplished by skating and by using the other Rainbow Stars if the one the player is using is starting to or has run out. Defeating all of the Octo-Army will reward the player with the Power Star, though failing to defeat the Octo-Army within the time limit will cause the player to lose a life.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 全滅! 氷の上のタコ軍団
Zenmetsu! Kōri no Ue no Tako Gundan
Annihilation! Octopus Troops on the ice
Chinese 瓦解! 冰上章魚軍隊
Wǎjiě! Bīngshàng Zhāngyú Jūnduì
Collapse! Octopus Troops on the ice
French Une Poulbarmée sur la glace A Octo-army on the ice
German Allein gegen die frostige Okto-Armee Alone against the frosty Octo-army
Italian Fracasso di ventose sul ghiaccio The crash of suckers on the ice
Spanish Octobatalla sobre hielo Octobattle on ice