Breaking the Laws of Gravity

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Breaking the Laws of Gravity
SMG2 Rightside Down Breaking the Laws of Gravity.png
Location Rightside Down Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Breaking the Laws of Gravity is the first mission of Rightside Down Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


The player starts by flying into the main planet through a Warp Pipe. By falling down into the chasm with some Paragoombas, the player will reach a large flower they can Spin on to launch themselves up into the gravity chamber. By Spinning near a Lever Switch, the player can reverse the flow of gravity. Now on the ceiling, the player has to use a raising platform to reach a Prickly Piranha Plant. Using the large flower behind it, the player can reach an area with normal gravity and continue to a segment where the player has to cross moving platforms between different gravities. Then, using a rising platform, the player can activate another lever to reverse gravity and use the moving platforms to traverse downward. After the second platform are large Chomps coming out of a pipe and rolling away from the player's direction. Taking care not to get hit, the player must follow the Chomps' path until they reach some Thwomps, which the player has to jump under and avoid getting squashed. Afterward is an area where the player has to use a Fire Flower to burn crates. At the end of this section is a top-down segment where the player has to cross beams and moving platforms until they reach another gravity chamber with Thwomps. Finally, the player has to use the gravity flowing in different directions to land on the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘンテコ重力 アスレチック
Henteko Jūryoku Asurechikku
Strange Gravity Atheltics
Chinese 不可思議重力
Bùkěsīyì Zhònglì
Incredible Gravity
French (NOA) Une promenade renversante A Stunning Promenade
French (NOE) Un parcours d'une certaine gravité A Tour of a Certain Gravity
German Die Schwerkraft fordert ihren Tribut Gravity Takes its Toll
Italian Gravitazione senza Regole Gravitation with no Rules
Spanish Una mansión con problemas de gravedad A Mansion with Gravity Problems