Rock and Rollodillo

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Rock and Rollodillo
SMG2 Boulder Bowl Rock and Rollodillo.png
Location Boulder Bowl Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
Boss(es) Rollodillo
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Rock and Rollodillo is the first mission of the Boulder Bowl Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This mission introduces the Rock Mushroom power-up. The name of the mission is a pun on the name of the music genre rock and roll.


To get the Power Star, the player must first get the Rock Mushroom trapped in a glass cage in the Starting Planet. To do so, they have to defeat the three Elite Octoombas protecting it. After getting the Mushroom, the player transforms into Rock Mario or Luigi, which allows them to roll and break things.

To progress, the player has to use their Rock form to hit the raised bridge and make it fall. Then, they should bowl over the Pinheads and proceed to the next planet. Here, the player has to get to the Launch Star trapped in a glass cage. To do so, they must defeat all the Octoombas found on this planet. When using the Launch Star, the player ends up on a planet with a Luma who tells them that if they use the shiny spots on the ground, coins are revealed and allow the player to regain health. On this planet, the player has to use the Rock Mushroom again and break the giant purple Crystal where the next Launch Star is trapped. After using it, they get to an orange crystal planet with a Midway Point, Lumalee, and a Launch Star which blasts them to the Cage Planet.

On this planet, the player needs to fight Rollodillo. After defeating Rollodillo, it leaves a Power Star which the player has to get.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 高速回転! ゴロマジロ!
Kōsoku Kaiten! Goromajiro!
High-speed Rotation! Rollodillo!

Chinese 極速滾動! 滾滾穿山甲!
Jísù Gǔndòng! Gǔngǔn Chuānshānjiǎ!
Fast-speed rolling! Rollodillo!

French Tatouboul déboule
Rollodillo comes hurtling
German Rollodillo auf Kollisonskurs
Rollodillo on collision course
Italian Scontro con Rollodillo
Fight against Rollodillo
Spanish Rock & Rollodillo