Time for Adventure

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Time for Adventure
Time for Adventure.png
Location Clockwork Ruins Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Time for Adventure is the first mission of the Clockwork Ruins Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


The player first lands on the Giant Rotation Planet. They must avoid or defeat the two Jack O'Goombas and hop onto the millstones. The player needs to avoid falling off or being hit by an Octoomba's attack, then take the Launch Star to the Pusher Wall Planet. On this planet, the player should avoid the Jack O'Goombas and pushing walls while trying to reach the top left area. The switch should be used to help the player reach the Ground Pound switch located to the south, freeing the caged Luma. The Luma transforms into a Launch Star and sends the player to the Rolling Drum Planet. The player needs to avoid being crushed by the millstones and hurt by spikes. At the end, the player needs to activate a switch to make millstones fall from the sky. The player should climb the millstones and use the peg to reach the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese のっかって! 大回転遺跡
Nokkatte! Dai Kaiten Iseki
Ride on! Great Rotating Ruins
Chinese 跳躍! 巨輪遺跡
Tiàoyuè! Jùlún Yíjì
Jump! Giant Wheel Ruins
French Révolutions dans la galaxie Revolutions in the Galaxy
German Rauer Ruinenritt Rough Ruins-Ride
Italian Avventura fra gli Ingranaggi Adventure Among the Gears
Spanish Una aventura entre las ruinas An Adventure in the Ruins


  • For unknown reasons, if the Luigi ghost is activated in this mission, he runs towards the torch behind him, turns around, backflips, and spin Ground Pounds the flame causing him to fly up and get stuck as if he is in a Launch Star.