Digga-Leg's Planet

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Digga-Leg's Planet
SMG2 Spin Dig Digga Legs Planet.png
Location Spin-Dig Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
Boss(es) Digga-Leg
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Digga-Leg's Planet is the first mission of the Spin-Dig Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This mission introduces the Spin Drill power-up and the objective is to defeat Digga-Leg.


The player starts on an elevated platform on the Starting Planet surrounded by Diggas. In one of the indents of the planet, the player can find a Spin Drill they can use to burrow through the planet. Using the Spin Drill on the indent located just below the starting platform will lead the player to the highest platform where they will find a Luma that will transform into a Launch Star when talked to, leading to the next planet. On the Drill Zone Planet, the player has to use the Spin Drill on a slightly raised square platform to dig through the planet and end up on a raised platform on the other side. By continuing to dig through the platforms, the player will find another Luma that will transform into a Launch Star. On the Steel Ring Planet, the player has to cross disappearing platforms to reach a ring of Coins on a block to the left, where a Luma will catch up with the player and turn into a Launch Star. On the Dirt Tower Planet, the player has to use a Spin Drill to drill into the hollow planet and use the drill again to reach a Launch Star above. The Launch Star will send the player to a Starshroom where they will meet the Toad Brigade Captain. The Launch Star on the underside of the Starshroom will send the player to the planet where Digga-Leg is fought.

Digga-Leg will boot up and start attacking as soon as the player lands on the planet. It will send out Diggas through the planet to attack the player and Digga-Leg will also jump around the stage, attempting to crush the player. Using a Spin Drill, the player has to burrow through the planet and attack Digga-Leg when the cage holding the Power Star is on the bottom of Digga-Leg. After damaging Digga-Leg three times, it will explode and the Power Star will be released.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドリルとロボの一騎打ち
Doriru to Robo no Ikki-uchi
Duel of the Drill and Robo
Chinese 旋轉鑽頭 單打獨鬥
Xuánzhuǎn Zuàntóu Dāndǎ Dúdòu
Spinning Drill, 1-on-1 Duel
French Foropod et le foret Digga-Leg and the drill
German Stelzbuddlers Steinplanet Digga-Leg's Stone Planet
Italian Trottole e Trivelle Tops and Drills
Korean 드릴과 로봇의 한판 승부
Deulilgwa Lobos-ui Hanpan Seungbu
A battle between a drill and a robot
Spanish El planeta de Pataladro Digga-Leg's Planet