Tox Box Speed Run

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Tox Box Speed Run
SMG2 Stone Cyclone Tox Box Speed Run.png
Location Stone Cyclone Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Tox Box Speed Run is the second mission of the Stone Cyclone Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This mission can only be played if the player collected the Comet Medal in the previous mission and when there is a Prankster Comet in orbit.


Mario has to return to the galaxy after the Prankster Comet has been unlocked. To complete this mission, Mario must make it to the circular platform within the time limit. His time limit is short, so he must grab + Clocks to increase his limit. The Power Star is trapped inside a blue crystal at the end. The plumber has to break it to free the Power Star, and leap up to it.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タイムアタック!よけてオニマスかわしてドッスン
Taimu atakku! Yokete Onimasu kawashite Dossun
Time Attack! Avoid Boxes and Dodge the Thwomps
Spanish (NOE) ¡Al límite! ¡Entre Cajuelos y el suelo! At the limit! Among Tox Boxes and the floor!
French (NOE) La traversée du vortex : contre-la-montre Crossing the vortex: against the clock
German Beeilung! Mit der Tox-Box um die Wette! Hurry! With the Tox Box to the bet!
Italian Folle Corsa tra i Don Box Mad Race Among Tox Box