The Rainbow Road Roll

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The Rainbow Road Roll
SMG2 Rolling Coaster Rainbow Road Roll.png
Location Rolling Coaster Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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The Rainbow Road Roll is the first mission of Rolling Coaster Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2. This mission has a Star Ball gimmick, where players need to roll on it to traverse this level.


To complete this mission, Mario first needs to get on top of the Star Ball at the starting platform. Then, he has to use it to roll down the various paths and platforms. He must avoid falling off the sides of the paths or running into Bob-ombs, which could possibly cause him to fall off the side. When Mario makes it to the Ending Planet, he finds find a green hole. He must roll the Star Ball into it to release the Power Star.

Planets visited[edit]

*Players will take either the Beginner Path or the Expert Path.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コロコロ進んで レインボーロード
Korokoro susunde Reinbō Rōdo
Rolling Forwards, Rainbow Road
Chinese 滾滾前進 彩虹大道
Gǔngǔn Qiánjìn Cǎihóng Dàdào
Rolling Forwards, Rainbow Road
French Le long de la route arc-en-ciel Along the rainbow road
German Über den Regenbogen... Over the rainbow...
Italian Rotolando sulla Via Arcobaleno Rolling on the rainbow road
Spanish Cuesta abajo por la Senda Arco Iris Downhill on the Rainbow Trail