Rolling Coaster Galaxy

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Rolling Coaster Galaxy
Rolling Coaster Galaxy.png
Area World S
How to unlock Collect 75 Power Stars, including the first one from Mario Squared Galaxy
Comet(s) Purple Comet
Green Comet
Mission(s) The Rainbow Road Roll
Purple Coins on the Rainbow Road
Green Star 1
Green Star 2
Stars Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2.Prankster Comet icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.Cosmic Jewel icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.Cosmic Jewel icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Galaxy icon The Starting Platform with a Star Ball on it, around which spirals a section of the Rainbow Road-like track
“Go go go!”
Banktoad, Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Rolling Coaster Galaxy is one of the many galaxies found in Super Mario Galaxy 2. As its name implies, this galaxy is similar to a roller coaster and, similar to Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy, Mario (or Luigi) must roll a Star Ball to the end. Also, many Starshrooms appear along the way. It appears to be a reference to the Rainbow Road courses in the Mario Kart series. The name of the first mission, "The Rainbow Road Roll", in this galaxy confirms this. The music speeds up as the Star Ball rolls faster, and slows down as the Star Ball rolls slower. This galaxy is also similar to Rolling Green Galaxy and Rolling Gizmo Galaxy from the first game.

Partway through the level, the path splits in two. One of the Toads says that the right path is for experts, while the other is assumed to be for beginners. In the "Purple Coins on the Rainbow Road" mission, the path for experts is the only path present. The Comet Medal is also on this path. The only enemies found in this galaxy are Bob-ombs and Mini Goombas. The galaxy uses a cover version of the "Slider" music from Super Mario 64, which is also the song that plays when sliding down the large slide in the Tall Trunk Galaxy.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are unofficial.

Rainbow Road[edit]

A view of the majority of the paths and areas.

Rather than being separate planets, this galaxy is connected by chutes which allow the player to access the different paths and platforms.

Starting Platform[edit]

Mario near the start of the level.

Mario starts on a simple orange and red platform. There is nothing of significance here besides the Star Ball, some coins, and a chute that takes Mario to the next area.

Rainbow Road Path 1[edit]

Mario rolling down the rainbow path.

This is a simple path that consists of colored tiles. There are no hazards on this path. It eventually drops the player off at an area where two roads diverge in different directions. Bob-ombs are found at the end of the pathway.

Beginner Path[edit]

Mario on the large path.

When Mario takes the left path, it leads him here. Possibly dubbed "Beginner Path", by the Toads, it is covered in beige tiles and is covered with light-colored Mini Goombas and Bob-ombs. The edges of the path are concave, meaning that Mario cannot fall off the edge unless blasted off by a Bob-omb. This pathway is also wider than adjacent one and has more undulations. At the end of the path, Mario is dropped off at Rainbow Road Path 2.

Expert Path[edit]

Mario traversing the Expert Path.

Taking the right path at the junction takes Mario to this area. Dubbed "Expert Path", by the Toads, it is a narrow, rainbow-tiled pathway. There are numerous beams found on the edges of the path, which bounces Mario off course if he is to come in contact with it. There are a few Bob-ombs here and a Comet Medal is also found here. At the end of the path, Mario is dropped off at Rainbow Road Path 2.

Rainbow Road Path 2[edit]

Mario on the second rainbow path.

This pathway is much like the first rainbow road pathway, except that it is more inclined and it sometimes gets narrow during certain times. Mario is dropped off at several pink and purple platforms where there is a chute that takes him to the final path.

Rainbow Road Path 3[edit]

The final rainbow path is being traveled on by Mario.

This pathway is more inclined than the others. The path also gets narrower as Mario travels towards the end. He is dropped off at a grassy platform where there is a chute that connects to the final platform.

Ending Planet[edit]

The final planet is in view.

There is nothing of importance on this planet except for the hole which the Star Ball goes into. During the Purple Coin mission, there is a Gearmo present, which takes away Mario/Luigi's life if he does not have enough Purple Coins (if he does not have any lives to lose, he gets a Game Over).



Mission Image Summary

The Rainbow Road Roll SMG2 Rolling Coaster Rainbow Road Roll.png This mission's objective is to scale down the course on a rainbow road using a Star Ball.
Purple Coins on the Rainbow Road SMG2 Rolling Coaster Purple Coins on the Rainbow Road.png This mission's objective is to collect at least 100 of 110 Purple Coins within two minutes.

Green Stars[edit]

Green Star 1[edit]

Mario about to grab the first Green Star.

The first Green Star is located near the beginning of the level. The player should take the Beginner Path instead of the Expert Path. They need to stay in the middle and to avoid Bob-ombs and Mini Goombas, up a bumpy slope. Just before the player drops off the end of the slope, they must use the momentum of the Star Ball and jump into the air, directly into the star.

Green Star 2[edit]

The second Green Star in sight.

The last Green Star is near the end of the final rainbow road path, just before the Ending Planet. It is positioned at the right side of the course, hovering in the air. For the player to reach it, they must either carefully use the momentum of the course to land on the star or jump before reaching the edge. If done correctly, the player should easily grab the star instead of falling off the course.

Prima Official Game Guide description[edit]

  • "The Rolling Coaster Galaxy is modeled after one of Mario's favorite karting tracks. However, there are no wheels to be found here. Instead, you must roll through this colorful cosmic challenge on a sphere. The Power Star you seek is actually right under your toes."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タマコロスライダーギャラクシー
Tamakoro Suraidā Gyarakushī
Star Ball Slider Galaxy

Chinese 滾球溜滑梯銀河
Gǔnqiú Liūhuátī Yínhé
Ball Rolling Slider Galaxy

French (NOE) Manège arc-en-ciel
Rainbow merry-go-round
German Achterbahn-Galaxie
Roller Coaster Galaxy
Italian Galassia Montagne Russe
Roller Coaster Galaxy
Korean 스타볼 슬라이더 갤럭시
Seutabol Seullaideo Gaelleoksi
Star Ball Slider Galaxy

Spanish Galaxia Astro Iris
Rainbow Galaxy (Note: The word “Astro” refers to a celestial body. It’s used as a pun to the word “arco”, which means “arch”.)