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This article is about the group of Toads led by Captain Toad. For the musical theme from Super Mario Galaxy, see The Toad Brigade.
Toad Brigade
Artwork of the Toad Brigade from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.
The Toad Brigade in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury (2021)
Leader Captain Toad
Mr. Maaario! You gotta hear this! We did such a good job, they're promoting us to Royal Guards! With me as the Royal Guard Commander, nobody will ever kidnap Princess Peach again! EVER! Koopas... Boos... Giant, overgrown moles... Whatever! Bring it on!”
Toad Brigade Captain, Super Mario Galaxy

The Toad Brigade is a group of six adventurous Toads that aid Mario through some games, starting with Super Mario Galaxy. With Captain Toad as the leader, the Toad Brigade originally consisted of Hint Toad, Banktoad, Yellow Toad and Mailtoad. However, following Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker the group would expand to include Toadette, bringing the official membership up to six.


Super Mario series[edit]

Super Mario Galaxy[edit]

Concept art of the Toad Brigade and their Starshroom in Super Mario Galaxy.

Enjoying the festivities in Peach's Castle during the Star Festival, a Toad and his friends are scattered across the galaxy after Bowser carries Peach's castle into outer space. They eventually escaped, along with Luigi, until they are separated from him and are later discovered by Mario in the Honeyhive Galaxy, where he rescues them.

This picture is sent to the Wii Message Board once Luigi gets all 121 Power Stars and talks to Mailtoad
The picture sent to the Wii Message Board after Luigi collects 121 Power Stars

Shortly afterwards, the Toads join Mario at the Comet Observatory, where they decide to help him in his quest to gather the Grand Stars, and move their base of operations to the Garage. After the Lumas help them build a spaceship, the Starshroom, the Toads form the Toad Brigade and start traveling in order to find Power Stars with Mario. They are then seen throughout several galaxies in search for the stars, and often cheer Mario on during battles. They often arrive to provide a Launch Star to Mario on their ship in order to help him progress.

The five members of the Toad Brigade each have special attributes: the leader is the Toad Brigade Captain who, despite trying to come off as brave is always fleeing at the first sight of trouble, making up ridiculous excuses along the way. This is first proven at the Space Junk Galaxy, as he mutters that he is afraid to board the airships. He can be seen as rather lazy. He always has a miners light on his head and a backpack on his back. The blue Toad wears glasses and often gives Mario advice in levels. Yellow Toad is very lazy and happy-go-lucky, and is either sleeping, much to the annoyance of a yellow Luma, or spinning around in circles. The green Toad carries a pickaxe and often sings songs while digging with it. The purple Toad is the Mailtoad. He will give Mario letters from Peach or Luigi when received. He also enjoys snorkeling, and can often be found underwater or with a snorkel mask.

In the Grand Finale Galaxy, where they show up for the final time, their leader reveals that because of their work in helping Mario retrieve the stars, they have been promoted to Royal Guards.

Super Mario Galaxy 2[edit]

Toad Brigade in Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Mario and the Toad Brigade in Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker

The Toad Brigade reappears in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Like in the previous game, they continue to aid Mario throughout the different worlds.

Mario and Yoshi on the Starship Mario
Mario and the Toads on their Starshroom

The Toad Brigade is introduced in an alternate manner than in Super Mario Galaxy. Firstly, the Toad Brigade Captain has the other Toads refer to him as "the new captain," and, when he is first met, he reveals he is actually just a Toad who instated himself as captain simply by wearing a headlamp. Additionally, the Brigade does not seem to know as much about the Lumas as they did before. The Starshroom used in Super Mario Galaxy 2 is stated by brigade members to have been built by Lumas for them so they can return to follow Mario to help him on his quest. Additionally, some have different roles in comparison to the original game. For example, the green Toad now is a Banktoad and not an adventurer as he was in the previous game. Additionally, Mario can give Banktoad some of his Star Bits.

Throughout the game, the Toad Brigade follows the Starship Mario using their Starshroom. Mario can go onto their Starshroom by using a teleportation pad on the Starship Mario in order to speak with them. There is also a 1-Up Mushroom each time Mario teleports to their ship. They sometimes assist him on his journey but generally they are just seen exploring the areas rather than looking for Power Stars. In the Bowser levels, the Toads are sometimes seen deep within the area, with the Toads often having a coin for Mario to collect. In the ending credits, the Toads are seen celebrating as Mario finally gets the cake that he had earned from saving Princess Peach.

Super Mario 3D World / Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury[edit]

Screenshot of the Toad Brigade in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
The Toad Brigade together at Lake Lapcat

Captain Toad reappears in Super Mario 3D World. In this game, he is a playable character in his own puzzle levels called Captain Toad's Adventures where the player can not jump and must collect five Green Stars. He also appears in several other levels, and awards Mario and the other characters with a Green Star when found. He is the only Toad Brigade member in the game; while yellow, green and purple Toads similar to his crew can be seen with Captain Toad in a Clear Pipe back to the Mushroom Kingdom during the credits, they only act as hosts of the Toad Houses.

Captain Toad and his levels return in the game's Nintendo Switch port, and Hint Toad, Banktoad, and Yellow Toad are also playable in these levels if there is more than one player playing.[1] They, alongside Toadette, also appear in the Bowser's Fury campaign, though only after the main story is completed. Near Fur Step Island, Toadette can be seen and asks Mario and Bowser Jr. to find the other members of the brigade.

Super Mario Odyssey[edit]

The Toad Brigade appears once again in Super Mario Odyssey. Mailtoad returns, unlike in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, as the employee of the regional coin side of certain Crazy Cap shops and appears in the Dark Side once the main mission is completed; likewise, Yellow Toad appears on the yellow coin side as well as in the Dark Side. Toadette is added to the group, known in-game as "Archivist Toadette." She rewards the player after they have completed achievements, which they can view by talking to her. The blue Toad is now known as Hint Toad, and will give Mario the locations of Power Moons for fifty coins. Banktoad also appears in the Lost Kingdom and Bowser's Kingdom. Captain Toad appears in most of the kingdoms, giving Mario a Power Moon if spoken to; unlike in the Super Mario Galaxy games, he is usually in a separate location than the rest of his crew. The Toad Brigade's theme also plays while talking to him.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker[edit]

The Toad Brigade in the new New Donk City level in the Nintendo Switch version of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.
The Toad Brigade alongside their newly appointed member Toadette at New Donk City in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad stars in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker as a playable main character along with Toadette, who joins the Brigade. All of the other members of the Toad Brigade (except for Mailtoad who is absent from this game) also appear in various stages to help the captain: Blue Toad gives him Super Gems or Super Mushrooms upon being found, Yellow Toad sleeps and can additionally cause Captain Toad or Toadette to fall asleep should they stand near him, and the Banktoad is seen reading a map in most of his appearances throughout the game. Each Toad wears an explorer outfit with a backpack to match Captain Toad's.

Nintendo 3DS version of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.
Captain Toad meeting the Toad Brigade in Plucky Pass Beginnings (3DS).

The three other Toad Brigade members also appear in the first set of levels in the bonus stages. In these stages, the goal is for Captain Toad to find the three Toads scattered around the stage and lead them to a platform that only lifts once four characters are standing on it to reach the Power Star. If any of the other Toad Brigade members are hit by an enemy, however, the player automatically loses a life rather than the Toad turning into a small form akin to Captain Toad and Toadette. The Toad Brigade members also make cameos in the beginning of the Challenge levels, the ending of the Mummy-Me levels and in the credits.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Captain Toad appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, functioning as a background element in New Donk City Hall. Captain Toad can be seen standing on top of a building, in addition to sometimes appearing in the Odyssey. Captain Toad also appears as the enhanced form of Toad's spirit.

Toadette also appears, donning her explorer's outfit. She is a master spirit, leading expeditions in the temple area. Toadette's expeditions take 2 hours to complete; thus, players have to check her expeditions the most frequently.

Captain Toad, Hint Toad and Yellow Toad cameo on the Starship Mario spirit's artwork.


Character Biography Active appearances
Captain Toad

Captain Toad

Captain Toad, known as the Toad Brigade Captain prior to Super Mario 3D World, is the leader of the Toad Brigade. He often wears a headlamp on his head while exploring the galaxies and is seen being in charge. As a result of this, he is sometimes seen fixing things such as their ship that broke in the events of Super Mario Galaxy. In both games he is portrayed as a little bit afraid of the challenges, though his loyalty to Princess Peach encourages him to keep helping Mario throughout his adventure. His level of cowardice varies between these games; while in Super Mario Galaxy he leaves himself behind so that the rest of the Brigade can do the work, in Super Mario Galaxy 2 he is a more active and bold (though still afraid) member to get into dangerous situations. In Super Mario 3D World, he has a playable role dedicated to finding Green Stars.

He stars in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker as the main playable character and protagonist. Here, he is given a more greedy side but keeps his cowardice and loyal attitude. He ventures to save Toadette from Wingo, and is later captured by Wingo as well, only to be saved by Toadette.

He reappears in Super Mario Odyssey with the rest of his crew, but usually separate, waiting to give a Power Moon to Mario when he finds him. He appears in almost every kingdom.

He also appears in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, being the only Toad Brigade member to be present (aside from Toadette, who is a playable character). He can be found in hidden areas accessed by warp pipes and gives the player 50 flower coins upon being talked to.

Archivist Toadette


Archivist Toadette, casually known as Toadette and known in Mario Kart Tour as Toadette (Explorer), is the sixth member of the Toad Brigade. She joined the Toad Brigade in the events of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. While treasure hunting with Captain Toad, Wingo appears and grabs the Power Star the Toads just retrieved. While the Captain gets knocked over, she tries to grab back the Power Star, but fails; instead, Wingo flies away with both the Star and Toadette. After a long journey, Captain Toad arrives at Wingo's Watchtower, defeats Wingo and saves Toadette, retrieving another Power Star in the process. She co-stars in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker as a playable character and the deuteragonist in the game. Here, she is Captain Toad's partner and she is saved by him from Wingo and later saves him from Wingo later in the game.

Toadette officially becomes the sixth member of the Toad Brigade during the events of Super Mario Odyssey where she is the team's archivist. As the archivist, she resides in Peach's Castle and tells Mario about achievements, handing Power Moons out to him when he completes them.

Hint Toad

Rendered model of Hint Toad in Super Mario Odyssey.

Hint Toad, unnamed prior to Super Mario Odyssey, is portrayed as the smartest member of the Toad Brigade. He wears glasses that can be seen in the Super Mario Galaxy series. Hint Toad often gives Mario advice throughout the levels. His information is the most helpful out of all the Toads. Hint Toad also seems to not be very trusting of the Lumas and Rosalina, even declaring that she might be a witch. He eventually sees them as his allies after Mario clears the Terrace. In Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Hint Toad assists in more ways than before. Instead of offering advice, he now gives Super Mushrooms, 1-Up Mushrooms, and even Super Gems, apart from in the bonus levels, where he is the first to follow Captain Toad.

In Super Mario Odyssey, he is near the Odyssey in every kingdom except Darker Side and tells Mario Power Moon locations for fifty coins.

Yellow Toad

Rendered Model of Yellow Toad in Super Mario Odyssey.

Yellow Toad is a sleepy Toad. In Super Mario Galaxy he is seen sleeping any time he could, going as far as never appearing awake in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, apart from in the bonus levels. While awake, his actions are very cheerful and mostly carefree. He is seen spinning and having fun very often. In later games, he seems to be awake more often as well as somewhat more serious. While Yellow Toad sleeps, he often mentions events that have not taken place yet, such as telling the player when they need Coins or Star Bits. This may imply that he can see the future in his dreams, and he is often more helpful sleeping than otherwise.

In Super Mario Odyssey, he appears as an employee for Crazy Cap in the Lost Kingdom, Mushroom Kingdom and Moon Kingdom. He also appears on an expedition to Rabbit Ridge after its sole story objective is complete.


Rendered model of Banktoad in Super Mario Odyssey.

Banktoad, unnamed in Super Mario Galaxy, is a humble hard worker who loves to sing songs as well as build and fix things, especially with his pickaxe. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, he is given a new occupation as a Star Bit banker. Mario and Luigi can come up to him to give or take Star Bits. Banktoad spends his time looking for Star Bits for Mario and Luigi. His appearance changes when he is holding a certain number of Star Bits. He is also not as humble as seen in Super Mario Galaxy, as he sometimes questions or criticizes the competence of his Captain. In Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, he is always seen reading an old map, apart from in the bonus levels.

In Super Mario Odyssey, he opens a Crazy Cap store on Forgotten Isle and directs Mario to a shortcut through a pipe in Bowser's Kingdom after all of its story objectives are complete. He also appears on an expedition to Rabbit Ridge after the completion of its sole story objective.


Rendered Model of Mailtoad in Super Mario Odyssey.

Mailtoad is the purple Toad in both Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel. He enjoys giving mail to Mario. Letters come from Princess Peach, Rosalina, and others. Most letters in Super Mario Galaxy are letters attached with 1-Up Mushrooms or from Luigi when he finds a Power Star for Mario; however, in Super Mario Galaxy 2, there are letters from people in the galaxies that want challenges, such as The Chimp. In Super Mario Galaxy, he is also found as a brave explorer and a risk taker. He is often found swimming or after swimming in Purple Coin missions, telling Mario if he has found any Purple Coins in the water. He is willing to take risks to help Mario, as he has even swum in the freezing waters of the Freezeflame Galaxy to look for Purple Coins.

In Super Mario Odyssey, he is an employee for Crazy Cap in the Lost Kingdom, Mushroom Kingdom, and Moon Kingdom, and appears on an expedition to Rabbit Ridge after the completion of its sole story objective.


Super Mario Galaxy bio[edit]

Toad's Collectible Card Bio: Toad is Princess Peach's closest confidant and sworn protector. Typically Toad is a happy character, as seen by the constant smile on his face. But now he has reason to be concerned. His beloved princess has been kidnapped by Bowser, and Toad will stop at nothing to help find her. Just when all is feared lost, Toad and his friends appear in their Mushroom-shaped ships and help guide Mario on his quest to save Princess Peach.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Toad Brigade
Toad Brigade trophy from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Category: Stage
(Applies only to the Wii U version) Appears in:
Wii Super Mario Galaxy (11/2007)
Wii Super Mario Galaxy 2 (05/2010)
(Applies only to the Wii U version) Trophy Box: 11: Super Mario Galaxy
How to unlock:
As Mario travels to the unknown reaches of space, he can always rely on the trusty Toad Brigade. They're a colorful bunch—the captain sports red spots while the others have green, yellow, blue, or purple ones. The yellow Toad is known for dozing off on the job, but his sleepy musings can be quite handy! (American English)
As Mario travels to the unknown reaches of space, he can always rely on the trusty Toad Brigade. They're a colourful bunch – the captain sports red spots while the others have green, yellow, blue or purple ones. The yellow Toad is known for dozing off on the job, but his sleepy musings can be quite handy! (British English)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノピオ探検隊 たんけんたい [2]
Kinopio Tankentai
Toad Expedition Team

Chinese (simplified) 奇诺比奥探险队
Qínuòbǐ'ào Tànxiǎnduì
Toad Expedition Team

Chinese (traditional) 奇諾比奧探險隊
Qínuòbǐ'ào Tànxiǎnduì
Toad Expedition Team

Dutch Toad-brigade
Toad Brigade
French (NOA) Brigade Toad
Toad Brigade
French (NOE) Brigade Toad (Super Mario Galaxy 2-present)
Brigade de recherche Toad (Super Mario Galaxy)
Toad Brigade
Toad Search Brigade
German Toad-Trupp (Super Mario Odyssey)
Toad Troop
Toad Search Troop
Italian Truppa Toad
Toad Troop
Korean 키노피오 탐험대
Kinopio Tamheomdae
Toad Expedition Team

Portuguese Brigada Toad
Brigada de Toads (Super Smash Bros. for Wii U trophy)
Toad Brigade
Russian Тоад-следопыт
Toad Tracker

Spanish (NOA) Escuadrón Toad
Toad Squad
Spanish (NOE) Cuadrilla Toad
Toad Crew


  • In Sand Spiral Galaxy, a generic red Toad is seen near the entrance with a Boo Mushroom. However, the only red Toad in the Brigade is Captain Toad, who is always seen wearing his headlamp and backpack.
    • Similarly, in the Lost Kingdom, a blue Toad wearing the Toad Brigade attire can be found near Talkatoo; however, the only blue Toad in the Brigade is Hint Toad, who is seen in the beginning of the stage instead and always wears glasses, unlike this Toad.