Bowser's Dark Matter Plant

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Bowser's Dark Matter Plant
Bowser's Dark Matter Plant in the game Super Mario Galaxy.
Area Bedroom
How to unlock Get 33 stars
Boss(es) Bowser
Mission(s) Darkness on the Horizon
Stars A Grand Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy.
Galaxy icon Bowser's head with orange eyes.
“WHAA--?! IT'S YOU! That's it, Mario/Luigi! I'm gonna stomp you into space bits!”
Bowser, Super Mario Galaxy

Bowser's Dark Matter Plant (also called Bowser's Dark Matter Reactor[1]), is one of Bowser's galaxies in the game Super Mario Galaxy. This galaxy has two gravity-flipping areas, along with patches of dark matter which are deadly to touch.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are unofficial.

Starting Planet[edit]

The starting point of the galaxy.
The gravity section in Bowser's Dark Matter Plant
The gravity platforms
The gravity is pulling Mario to the dark matter
Mario in the gravity area with dark matter

The planet is a huge plant that makes dark matter. If Mario touches the dark matter, he instantly disintegrates. The plant has two main sections. In the first one there are many moving platforms across some dark matter and a 2D area with many gravity changes that Mario must cross, and a secret area above it all with a ? Block. The second part has many of the same things but there are moving gaps caused by dark matter in the platforms and a 2D gravity section surrounded by dark matter and small black holes.

SMG Dark Matter Plant Platforms.png
Mario crossing the Starting Planet
Platforms moving across the dark matter pools


Mario climbs the stairs to Bowser.

These are just stairs that lead to Bowser. There are two Lumas trapped in ice crystals that Mario must free to move on, as well as a crystallized Life Mushroom on the second platform.

Dark Matter Plant[edit]

Mario fights Bowser on the Dark Matter Plant.

This is the planet where Mario fights Bowser for the second time. It is also where the dark matter is created. There are ice crystals and green plates that, when smashed, leave coins. Also, the ice crystals can be used to block Bowser's fireballs and the green plates can be used to block the shock waves Bowser makes, but neither can protect Mario from Bowser's new Dark Spin attack.



This galaxy consists of only the following mission.

Level Image Summary
Darkness on the Horizon Gravity Wall.png This mission's objective is to defeat Bowser.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパダークマタープラント
Kuppa Dāku Matā Puranto
Bowser's Dark Matter Plant
Chinese 酷霸王黑暗物质工厂
Kùbàwáng hēiàn wùzhì gōngchǎng
Bowser's Dark Matter Plant
French (NOE) Usine de matière noire Dark Matter Factory
German Dunkle Materie-Fabrik Dark Matter Factory
Italian Materia Oscura di Bowser Bowser's Dark Matter
Korean 쿠파 다크 매터 플랜트
Kupa Dakeu Maeteo Peullaenteu
Bowser's Dark Matter Plant
Spanish Dimensión Materia Oscura Dark Matter Dimension


  • This is the only boss level of Super Mario Galaxy that the "Plant" part of the name was not changed in English from the Japanese game. It was changed to "Reactor" in most of the other levels, and to "Armada" in Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada.


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