The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr

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The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr
SMG Baron Brrr Screenshot.png
Location Freezeflame Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
Boss(es) Baron Brrr
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The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr (also called The Freezy Peak of Baron Brr[1] or The Freezy Peak of Baron Brrr[2]) is the first mission of the Freezeflame Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The objective is to defeat Baron Brrr.


Mario talking to a penguin.

The player begins on an ice ring planet with many crystals and a couple of boulders. A penguin on the planet will challenge the player to a game of tag, and the player needs to skate in order to catch up with the penguin. Catching the penguin will cause a Launch Star to appear, which will send Mario to Freezy Peak.

The Launch Star places Mario on a slope that leads into an ice path with a few Goombas. To the right is a pool of freezing water with many ice platforms and Ice Bubbles in it. Touching a ? Coin over a platform will cause an Ice Flower to appear, and the player has to use it to cross the freezing water and create platforms on the water spouts to reach the upper area. Using the Bomps as platforms, the player can reach another frozen lake. Grabbing an Ice Flower and using more Bomps as platforms, the player can reach a Sling Star that will launch Mario up to water spouts he has to use as platforms to reach Baron Brrr's arena.

Baron Brrr will begin the fight by shooting out chunks of ice at the player. In a crevice on the left of the platform Baron Brrr is on is an Ice Flower the player can use to reach the front of the platform where they have to Wall Jump up to reach Baron Brrr. When Mario is on the platform, Baron Brrr will slam downward, causing a shockwave that will knock Mario off, though the player can jump over it with the right timing. Spinning when near Baron Brrr will cause him to shrink and be defenseless, like with a standard Ice Bubble. Spinning again will damage him. After repeating the process to damage Baron Brrr once more, he will call up Ice Bubbles to assist him. Spinning into him a third time will shatter Baron Brrr and the Power Star will appear.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ツルツルアイスマウンテン
Tsuru-Tsuru Aisu Maunten
Slippery Ice Mountain
Chinese 滑溜溜的冰山
Huáliūliū de bīngshān
Slippery Ice Mountain
French (NOA) Ça Glisse sur la Montagne de Glace Slipping on the Ice Mountain
French (NOE) Ça glisse sur la montagne de glace Slipping on the ice mountain
German Schlüpfriger Eisberg Slippery Iceberg
Italian Montagna Ghiacciata Scivolosa Frozen Slippery Mountain
Korean 미끌미끌 아이스 마운틴
Mikkeulmikkeul aiseu mauntin
Slippery Ice Mountain
Spanish (NOA) La Montaña Gélida Resbaladiza The Slippery Ice Mountain
Spanish (NOE) Montaña de hielo muy resbaladiza Very slippery ice mountain


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