Star Bunnies on the Hunt

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Star Bunnies on the Hunt
Mario about to launch himself upwards using a Sling Star to grab a blue Star Chip in Gold Leaf Galaxy.
Location Gold Leaf Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Star Bunnies on the Hunt (also called Searching for Blue Star Chips[1]) is the first mission in Gold Leaf Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. This mission involves Mario (or Luigi) collecting five blue Star Chips to form a series of Pull Stars, eventually leading him to a challenge wherein he has to catch a Star Bunny to obtain the Power Star of this mission.


Mario initially lands on the Reverse Kingdom Planet. Mario should navigate past the stream of boulders to find a large structure to the left. Navigating behind this structure, he finds a twin pair of walls that he should wall jump up. Here he finds three Piranha Plants that circle a blue Star Chip. Mario should defeat these Piranha Plants to obtain the Star Chip. Falling down from this structure, there are three stumps that Mario can ground pound for Star Bits. These three stumps circle a Sling Star that, when activated, launches Mario into another Star Chip. Mario should then continue away from the large structure he was previously on and dip down to find a waterfall that empties into a small pool of water. Around here is another blue Star Chip.

Returning to where Mario initially landed, a dandelion should be climbed. Doing so launches Mario upwards to the area with the big tree. There is a lily pad with a crystal that contains a Bee Mushroom here. There are also Octoguys here. Grabbing the Bee Mushroom enables Mario to fly upwards to a flower platform that enables further ascension of the level. This platform has a Wiggler on it. There is a ledge that Mario should navigate out to, where he finds another Star Chip, collectable by ground pounding on a Trampoline. Returning to the area with the Wiggler, Mario should make his way upwards by flying to access a ledge that sticks out from the main structure of the planet. Following this ledge leads Mario to a platform with a fountain and two Crystals that contain Star Bits. On the top of the fountain is the final Star Chip. Collecting all five Star Chips makes four Pull Stars and a Launch Star appear near the starting position. Activating the Launch Star takes Mario to the Bump Appear Planet. On the Bump Appear Planet, a lone Star Bunny is found. On this planet is found a switch that allows Mario to more easily catch the Star Bunny. Catching the Star Bunny makes the Power Star of the mission appear. Grabbing the Power Star ends the mission.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese つきのウサギのさがもの
Tsuki no usagi no sagashi-mono
Moon Bunnies' Lost Things
Chinese 寻找月兔的宝物
Xúnzhǎo yuètù de bǎowù
Finding Moon Bunnies' Treasure
French (NOA) À la Recherche des Fragments d'Etoile Bleus In Search of Blue Star Fragments
French (NOE) Ce que cherchent les lapins lunaires What are the moon bunnies looking for
German Was die Mondhasen suchen What are the Bunnies Searching For
Italian Cosa Cercano i Conigli? What are the Bunnies Looking For?
Korean 달토끼가 찾는 물건
Daltokkiga channeun mulgeon
An Item Moon Bunnies are Looking for
Spanish ¿Qué buscan los conejos? What are the bunnies looking for?


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